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Edit: I'm just going list a good 5.1 since you game as well some good deals going on right now that will get you a system that is definite upgrade from the z-5500.
Its fine but I prefer Foobar2000 supports all formats and I like to organize and view my music using folder/directory view.  Also I use RPGWizard Laidback Dolby Headphone config to listen to my music with headphones pretty sure you can't get that on itunes.  There are also some extra features I've added that don't effect playback or music management but I like to have and to my knowledge only work with foobar2000.  
Here is a small and simple 2.1 system within your budget the alternative for higher quality sound is going for a small stereo amp with seprate bookshelf speakers and subwoofer not sure what is good in europe though since he usual budget options from the U.S aren't available there. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-CA-SP211UK-SP2500-Gaming-Speaker/dp/B004LWZ8ZA/ref=sr_1_32?ie=UTF8&qid=1354861132&sr=8-32
That would be due to the lack of any elevated bass and the severe rollof in subbass at around 100hz.  Pretty much any headphone will have better subbass extension and more elevated bass response.   If you don't like the sound now burn-in isn't going to change anything drastically.  EQ helps alot but it depends on the quality of the EQ using the 10 band hardware equalizer of my Audigy 2ZS with KX drivers I can get quite satisfactory bass response and extension with...
I think the A900X would fit you well for the genres you listen to and what your asking for since you listen to alot of electronic music you want something with  deep sub-bass extension open headphones can't do this as well as a good closed headphones and the A900X will also be be great for other genres you listen to like jazz and classical.
4320 according to foobar still need to rip another 15 or so cd's to my hardrive.
Not headphones but I hate it when I turn up the volume in songs with alot of deep bass with my 2.1 system and stuff starts buzzing or vibrating because of it I just want to here clean deep and powerful bass is that to much to ask?  I ended up removing the doorknob to my closet cause it would buzz to much .
Quality wise there pretty much the same amazon music is encoded in mp3 using lame at V0 variable bitrate(averages somewhere between 200-250 kbs but will go as high as 320kbs in the more complex parts of a song) or a constant 256kbs bitrate.  Itunes music is encoded at 256kbs AAC.  If you want to go with itunes for convenience and integration thats fine you could easily use both and just add whatever you buy from amazon to your itunes library.
Yeah Its a useful tool the only annoying part is that it leaves these log files in the same folder as your music files by default for each song you scan.  If you go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Tools -> Dynamic Range Meter  and you can turn it off though took me a while to figure that out.
The bitrate of the song does not effect the dynamic range.  You can roughly check using audacity a freeware program so you can view the wave form of a music track the more variation there is in the peaks and valleys of it the higher the DR is.        I use a plugin for foobar2000 that can analyze a songs dynamic range and there also a stand alone software program.  I wouldn't worry to much about it though and focus on enjoying your music.
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