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I think you should look into the V-Moda M100.  Tyle of innerfidelity did a review of them and liked them and sound like there exactly what your looking for good soundstage substantially boosted deep extending bass and sparkly treble in a portable headphone for $300.
All I got was hat a sweater and $20 but I won $500 at a casino a few weeks ago so I bought my self a bunch of audio related things among other things already so its all good .  Got a pair of HM5 jaycar digitech rebrands,JVC HA-S500, and Audio Technica CKM 500 IEM.  For Speakers I bought the last open box pair of Pioneer BS-21 for $37 using them as my pc speakers at my desk replacing my old Dayton B652 that I now use for the t.v infront of my bed.   I also got my...
those two are the AD700 weakest genres of music even after generous EQ I would say go for the A700X instead you will lose comfort and soundstage but better bass for everything. 
If your looking for a really comfortable headphone thats good for gaming doesn't get more comfortable then the AD700 even with glasses they just seem to float ontop of your head barely applying any pressure at all thanks to the 3D wing system(You can also bend the two wires for a more secure fit and a bit more bass without sacrificing comfort) and big soft earpads hours of comfort as long as your not leaning your head into anything if you lie down with them on in a bed...
Been using your config for a while now to listen to music on my pc and really like how it enhances the sound of headphones. I personally prefer the way the laidback config sounds over the forward one its more open and provides a bigger soundstage.  Wondering if you ever figured out a way to get this working perfectly system wide for all the audio playing on my pc including games and videos not just music from foobar?
No I would be looking to return them as well if the wooden cups where damaged that much on a new pair maybe this is why buydig is selling them so cheap at only $429? when they usually go for $500+ on other sites.
SHE-3590(same as 3580) with good fit have very powerful deep subbass with 8db in 32hz and 62hz bands on a ten band eq they have explosive bass with very nice rumble there iem though but very cheap and offer very good sound.
I bought a refurbished onkyo htib from that site and everything including the receiver is working just fine 2 years later but it came with a higher model receiver you could also get this denon receiver instead and there is one year warranty if something does go wrong.
This Audio Engine D1 DAC/AMP for your headphones and connect them using the rca out to the Dayton Audio DTA 100a to power your speakers
Get these Pioneer BS-21 Speakers as fronts and pair them with the Matching center speaker. For surrounds a refurbished pair of pyle cube speakers will work but if you can stretch it up a bit going for another pair of BS-21 would be best sound quality wise(Mind you can't wall mount these).  Get the Dayton Sub 1000 and hook everything up to this Onkyo Reciever.    The best connection for highest possible sound quality would be using hdmi out from your graphics card to...
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