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The Brainwavz HM5 its pretty much what your looking for based on what you said and your intended use.  There usually $140 but go on sale for $100 you can also buy a oem clone that uses the same drivers for $125 with shipping http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=AA2065 used to be $70 with shipping but guess they wised up to that and raised the price.
I'd use something more like this on my AD700 if I had more volume headroom but lose to much volume for my taste dropping the preamp to prevent clipping when boosting this much out of just my soundcard(audigy 2ZS with KX Audio Drivers).
This is what I use for the pair of Technics RP-DH120($115 street price) I received as a replacement from panasonic for the $30 HTF600 I sent in that broke.   They have nice bass stock but its weighted more to midbass so give the subbass a boost to balance it out.  There really uncomfortable though pads are to thin and feel hard and the headphone clamps pretty hard. Stuffing them with some tissue in the cup helps and improved the sound imo increasing the soundstage as the...
You quoted my HM5 EQ very different headphones in terms of stock bass output S500 have enough bass I can enjoy at flat eq but I like having adding some more thump and rumble to the bass the S500 don't need much boost for my taste.
This is what I use with my JVC S500 need to drop the preamp down 10db to to not hear noise from my soundcards output. and while HM5 broke (no more bass output on one side) and will have to send them in for a replacement/repair this is the EQ settings I used for them when they where working these have good bass extension but lacking in quantity this brings it up to a satisfying level.
1.AD700 - Just so comfortable light weight and 3D wing system works to barely put any pressure on your head and big soft velour pads are very comfortable and let your ears breath more then other material. 2.HD 428 - Also very lightweight fully over ear with minimal clamp and and good amount of soft padding on the headband and on the earpads ears do get a bit hot after extended use. 3.HTF600 Light weight not allot of clamp good amount of pretty soft padding but the...
Try blowing into the driver on the side where there no bass and see if something pops back into place thats all I got.
Most likely this the same thing happened to my htf600 after playing a very subbass heavy song at max volume while eq over what my preamp cut was set(Don't do this always set preamp at least as the highest db your boosting or lower stuff down instead of up if your equalizer lacks a preamp slider) hear alot of distortion driver then all bass is gone of the left side I just sent them in to get a new one.
Send it back in for repair if your friend still has the receipt and its still under warranty.
You didn't say if size was an issue but if bookshelf speakers are fine this would be a good setup for $200 I doubt you could do much better without going used.  You will also need some speaker wire too hook everything up you can find some cheap at a dollar store or any audio store.   Pioneer BS21 $65 Lepai-2020A+ $20 Dayton Sub 1000 $110   comes out to a bit over $200 with shipping.  With the 8" sub would be under $200 but I would recommend spending the...
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