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Audio Technica A900X Haven't heard them but based on peoples reviews and impression of the sound I think they would be great for the type of music you listen to the only thing is you sacrifice portability.
AD700 are great with glasses the large plush pads apply very little pressure so there very comfortable for long term use even with glasses.
Sound Quality:  AD700 Heavy EQ .Jaycar Pro Monitor Heavy EQ JVC S500   Comfort: AD700 HD 428 Jaycar Promonitor
Can you explain more thoroughly on how to set this up I don't get how your suppose to get the sounds from virtual audio cable to playback through foobar2000 so there processed through the DSP settings?
On my Flight back from LA a few weeks ago guy was wearing a pair of white M50 there was also some guy with a pair of beats studio or maybe it was pro's don't really remember.
    Unfortunately I haven't tried those wanted to buy a pair but never did so can't help you there sorry.
Some other things to consider are comfort the S500 being on ear feel fine at first the pressure builds up I would say 2 hour max of use before I would have to take them off.  The HM5 are overear so you avoid that but they have a high clamp force when you first get them leave them stretching on a bookshelf speaker or beachball or something to loosen them and makes them much more comfortable and I can use them longer then the S500 without pain but won't top the king of...
I own the JVC S500 and Jaycar Pro Monitor headphones(will call refer to them as HM5 from here on) I did a good amount of back and forth between them just now on classical music from my computer with a stock settings foobar2000 the only modifications are my S500 have 2 bent q-tips stuffed under ear pad for comfort and the HM5 I listended with and without my equalizer settings which are 12+db at 31hz 10+db 62hz 3+db 125hz 2+db 250hz 1+db 500hz +1db 8000hz +2db...
Have you tried modding them like this suppose to reduce the bass down to more normal levels and balance out the sound.
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