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  I don't think you will have problems with them comfort wise even if your ears don't fit inside the soft pads and very little clamp force make them very comfortable also the angled drivers help as well so your ears don't come into contact with anything uncomfortable.  As for getting warm sweaty ears these are shouldn't give you a problem at least not more so then other headphones infact there better then most headphone in this regard they let your ears breath about as...
Personally I use the Sony Hybrid tips work well for me and highs are defiantly not reccessed at all to my ears.  I'd consider them to have quite forward treble actually. Very comfortable as well for my ears I've actually stopped using my headphones recently since these are more comfortable then any headphone I own and sound great.
I have the old model of that speakers the BS-21 and I can definitely recommend it very good sound quality just a little lacking on the highs I boost them with my EQ but other then that great to my ears. Suprising amount of bass for 4" drivers altough the cabinet size is kinda large for the driver size.  Won't do the real deep bass below 50-60hz but add a 8" or preferable bigger subwoofer to handle the low end and your good to go.    Mids sound great on them vocals...
I don't think its a good idea recommending the Dayton B652 as they changed some parts have sound worse on newer ones not as bad as it used to be.  They have made attempts at fixing the sound but still not as good as the old pairs from 1 1/2-2+ years ago.
Those looks nice but $172 for a pair of sleeping iem is to much for me at this stage!  Thats $100 more then my main iem atm(Audio Technica CKM500) .   Also Looking at the pics they look big and would protrude to much imo compared to the SHE3590(altough they look like they have a flattish square back so maybe less pressure idk).  I don't really need anything better then them for listening while sleeping I'lll be sticking with my $12 iem for now but thanks for the suggestion.
I've only seen them selling at $50 so either world longest sale or its there normal price.
I'm not a back sleeper I sleep on my stomach with my head turned to my side and pressed into my pillow so no headphone and virtually all iem will be uncomfortable and potentially damaging to my ear and eardrum to sleep with for 8-12 hours.   The only thing I've found that is good enough to sleep with is the Phillips SHE3590 its super small size makes comfortable enough to sleep while wearing and pressing my head into a pillow it in since it protrudes so little from...
I would buy a pair of Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers and pair it with Lepai 2020A+ amp.  This will cost around $70 and you also need some speaker wire and a 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect your pc to the amp.
Doesn't have to be a big sound stage just bigger enough in size over the phillips to make a difference the greater the difference in size the more you will notice this.
I haven't heard ether headphone but I believe it due to the sound stage differences the AKG 540 likely has a larger sound stage so music sounds distant in comparison to your old headphones which had a smaller sound stage so music sounds more upfront and engaging on it this is the reason I believe for what you describe as a boring sound on the AKG. You prefer headphones with a smaller more upfront soundstage vs a larger more spacious and distant one.
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