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If you find the AD700 or any headphone by Audio Technica that uses the wing system is to lose on your head you can fix this easily just physically bend the two wires on top of the headphone together together you have to use a bit of force but the wires are tough and can take and it will make more of a pointed shape and this will make them press more tightly on your head for a more secure fit also improves bass response a bit and makes them a bit more forward sounding. Be...
I forgot that his phone was android in which case if he wants his iem with remote that works with android fully his choices are much more limited.
I would recommend the Audio Technica CKM500i i have the regular version which has no remote and has a short cable plus extension you pretty much gave to use. It sounds great and meets your criteria in sound and comfort. I don't think the warranty applies outside japan though would be a shame to pass up on such a great sounding EIM because of it though mean the main reason why where into this hobby is because of sound. I can vouch for the CKM500 durability it survived...
I've only owned and heard the HD 428 but they where among the most comfortable headphones I've ever used the HD 439 looks just like it but with velour pads not sure how the sound quality is like on them but if he wants comfort those should defiantly give him that.
Razer, Trittonaudio, and Turtle Beach have headphones with multiple drivers the Razer Tiamat for example has 10 drivers and only $200!!! the HD 800 is $1500 and only has 2 drivers I think its clear which is the better deal and yes this is me being sarcastic before someone takes this seriously.
Post about gaming headsets being bad and that something like the AD700 with a separate mic would offer superior sound quality.  I got the AD700 and was blown away coming from listening to cheap logitech& creative 5.1 speakers as well as skull candy iem and apple ear buds all my life.  It was revelation in how good audio could sound this not only started my interest in the "audiophile" headphone world but audio world in general. I hope that when I finally do upgrade from...
Good to know now I can rest easy in getting the HE-500 for my pet dear instead of a HD 800 or Stax SR009 knowing he'll be just as happy thanks you!
Yes this tends to happen being in a colder environment with less humidity helps since most people aren't going to move to a colder place using air conditioner if you can will help.  Also if you could use open air would be better as there more air flow but they can and do still build up heat but you can't really use those with normal window ac due to noise.  IEM are best for not building up any heat on your ears or around them even in hot and humid environments.
The HD 558 aren't closed headphones though so you can rule those out.  
Digitech Pro monitor headphones from jaycar for $70 same driver as HM5 less then half the price!
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