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HOLY CRAP!  biggbenn74 just saved me hours more of trying to find the right sound for my Q701's.  I have been looking for these phones to reproduce the same sound my home theater speakers do when listening to music and I finally have the kick and clarity and don't feel like they are as headphoney in sound if that makes sense.  VERY good EQ settings bro.
Having been away from the forums for awhile I have to return after many months of gaming on consoles and PC with my Q701's hooked up to my Harman Kardon receiver.  For consoles I get automatic Dolby Digital Live converted into Dolby Headphone and it's not bad at all.  The receiver allows me to adjust levels to boost what I need to in order to push the Q701's properly.  Gaming bliss on the consoles.  Very good detail, but folks...let me tell you, PC gaming with headphones...
"This sucks, but it may also be a blessing. We may finally get these companies to make devices like the Mixamp to accept HDMI and convert all forms of multi channel sources to virtual surround, and not just Dolby Digital."   This would be awesome!!!!
Anyone that was having issues with this game like lag, bullet lag, glitches, etc...I advise you download the latest patch Treyarch put out this past Saturday and revisit the game.  I'm getting consistently 15+ kills over deaths each game now.  It's running SUPER solid and I'm happy with the game again.   On a side note, as Mad Lust Envy mentioned...it doesn't fix the stupid stuff like campers in stupid corners, debris (which I am with you, what is the point of...
  I thought I was going to have the same issue.  Then today when I played I was finding myself head faking and killing enemies with no issue and the map designs made tons more sense.  There are a couple that are designed for chaotic action, but I can tolerate those.  I'll just have to be less aggressive on them.   I'm with you on the sound.  I agree completely.  I've actually discovered Supercrunchy is the way to go...for my preferred listening experience anyway. ...
For anyone that doesn't plan on doing a lot of mobile gaming and has the space, I highly recommend a receiver.  I bought an HK335 for a sweet price and have never looked back.  The endless tweaks that can be done and end of tons of optical switchers and cords all over the place.  It's freakin awesome!  Which reminds me, I need to take a pic of my setup.  Again, receivers with DH is the way to go.
Just wanted to thank a few members here for helping me make "smart" purchases and aiding to my satisfaction with my current gear.  Mad Lust Envy, Chicolom, PurpelAngel, and Evshrug...with your input and responses, I have a setup I am completely satisfied with and am now gaming with a huge smile!  And soon will have speakers to fill my ears when I don't wear my phones.  This is what head-fi is all about.
So I bought the Harman Kardon AVR 335 receiver for $175 and I'm one happy son of a b!tch!  I no longer feel the Q701's have the little bit of lacking strength when I was using them with the AX720.  Really glad I invested in this receiver versus getting the Astro Mixamp and then turning around and getting a receiver for my real speakers.  I can't believe receivers now days with Dolby Headphone are above $800 to obtain.  Ridiculous!
  Your response is really good.  Thankfully, this unit won't be for my main home theater.  I  have one in my living room already that's majorly geared out.  This will be for my office using smaller speakers and basically only used for music and gaming.  With that said, I will be plugging in the HDMI cables from my console directly to the TV and using the optical cables going to the receiver.  I wanted the same benefit of having Dolby Headphone, but when I'm not using...
OK GUYS...convince me to do it.  Would you?  I found someone local selling a Harman Kardon AVR 335 in LIKE NEW condition for $200.  I'm seriously considering buying this unit.  It has Dolby Headphone AND I can hookup speakers to it and get some use out of it without being limited to headphones when I don't need it.  I'm liking this unit and I like HK and JBL products!
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