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Tektons! How many years did you wait lol?
Frank can I come to Philly and buy it from you?
Is it going to be that easy to hold onto your money till it comes out? You won't be spending time on the forums reading about headphones people already know how they sound and then want to buy them more?
OK thanks a bunch
Dan, have you ever used the LG as a preamp only? I' know the signal still goes through the tubes when used as a pre-amp but I'm curious how much of the tube sound actually comes through. I had to edit this as my kids were being really loud and distracting Here's something for you to check out silent frequency. It sounds great
Anyone know where to purchase some x2's? Amazon is out
I. Should have let it go too. Guess there's always a first for trying to teach someone something in the wrong thread. Now just need self control. Didn't want new people coming in and reading his post thinking he knew what he was talking about and getting the wrong idea.
Sorry for derailing the thread everyone. I love the blue light in the amp but can you turn it off?
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