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For only a buck I'll take them!
Had some songs faber veneer 3.0 which have soft dome and while they did sound nice, it was too colored and the highs were veiled. Then there's the folded motions which while sound technically correct, I haven't heard one yet that carried any soul to it, However I do plan on auditioning the new pl300 for giggles. Ribbon tweeters are the only ones that pass my tests. I've been considering a pair of magnepans. I've studied the art of tower/box speakers long enough that...
I read somewhere that a guy has the the Brooklyn and then bought an emotiva surround processor that sounds equally as good as the Brooklyn after doing extensive a/b testing.
It wasn't just saying the stock are crap though. I wanted to emphasize the shu guang ability to really open up any driver tubes cabilities rather than make people think that it had its own sound or flavor if you will.
The AEON HUGO2 was my favorite combo at canjam but I didn't get to pair the ether c with the Hugo so I imagine it's gonna sound similar but with the bigger and fuller sound of the ether c.
It was surprisingly not too bad. Lighter than I expect. Not as light and comfy as ether c but didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. It's gone now though. I'm, selling everything I own for now because I've been doing a land contract with intent to purchase and want to make sure that I've got enough down payment to convince the bank to work with me. Afterwards I don't know what I'll do. I found myself not listening to headphones like I use to when I was younger for...
If I wanted a full sized headphone sound It'd be hard for me to pass up a prime at that price. However I'm so over big bulky headphones.
Alright guys I've come to the conclusion that the shu guang is definitely worth buying. what I've found is that the original pre amp tube is constricting the quality and true representation of the amplifier tube. What I'm saying is that when I put the shuguang in, I noticed how much better or worse the other amplifier tubes were. It really allowed the better tubes to shine where they are best.
I don't personally own a vinyl rig due to my selection of music is so dynamic and to me the ability of one finger touch and play is is hard to pass up. With that being said I'm not against vinyl by any means. I'm on the forums a lot and there's always some reason why this new DAC is better than the other ones. Respectful of what a god dac accomplishes, most of what they're aiming for aside from THD and noise floor is putting the pieces together in a timely manner and...
But it's also a class D amp I believe where as the first watt is A
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