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598 is a cool headphone and all but it can easily be beat. It doesn't scale up that much. I would suggest a used x2 for $200. Also if it's not out of your budget a used he500 would make you a very very happy camper. I guarantee it
I just put up a good deal on eBay if anyone is interested. New from store with receipt and 2 year warranty still in tact - a couple months. Prefazor including piano black wooden box and Schiit Asgard and peachtree audio dac*it for a great price. Basically what I bought it for then amp and dac for free
Anyone heard the 4 through a redwine audio amp? Can't help but think it'd be beautiful
Just got the x2 for a friend and have to say, was expecting a little more. Impressed with the detail and openness of the midrange.
One of my favorites ^^^^^^^^ never heard a dynamic do it the way a planar does though. You should hear it on an he500.
Channel imbalance would be a pretty big sound quality issue imo but that's good to know. Thanks a bunch.
For sure but wondering how to tell if it's a bad version. I remember seeing that the bad ones had glued earpads but also so,etching about discontinuities in the driver maybe......?
Thanks though!
Looking for something used so we can hit the $200 or below mark
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