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Those look SMALL on your head!
Those fazors touching your ears though.... Gross
That headband just scares me Soooo much lol. I bought a pair of turtle beaches a long time ago that had a headband similar to the at and I swore I would never make that mistake again. I hated them that much.
Good luck with the new headphones
Hifiman's new pads should be available soon and i imagine they will be even better than the old ones.  I personally did not like the old ones.  They where way to stiff for me 
would appreciate it if you stuck around the thread long enough to leave comparison of the two
You won't want the Valhalla with a low impedance headphone. Lyr is for headphones that need power. I would suggest asgard
This thread is not interesting anymore lol. I got to page 66 and the bickering is in harmony with my 1 year old screaming at me because he's hungry. Have to let it go. Maybe it got cleaned up by page 69?
noticeable difference i've heard amping a planar is more body and control resulting in better details and macro-dynamics not a change in FR. with the oppo being such a small opening i'm guessing its more of a confined to your head/forceful sound ( not to say it can't be smooth. different jargon) with a little air out the back for breathing away the resonance. I'm guessing that if you cover the cups with your hands the sound change wouldn't be as drastic as most other...
I apologize for me questioning what big shot was trying to tell us. I didn't mean to come off strong I just felt like it didn't fit in with what we needed to hear and it only took me a minute to realize he is a speaker guy and if you want to sell an avs speaker member a headphone you have to cope with what they know and that is balancing your system out. But this is headphone world so people were trying to explain that most of us already know that you can't balance a...
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