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 I just picked up a strap mod thing from the BST forum here and my god it makes a difference. That and the vegan pads, these things float on my head now. 
I have the Rev 1 and don't find them bright at all. I've had and loved the HD650 and would say the LCD-2 does everything it did but better. That same silky midrange but more resolving, the same warm treble but with more extension, the same crisp bass but hits way deeper and way harder.The places where the 650 excels would be comfort and sound stage. The LCD-2 is heavy and as such doesn't disappear on your head the way the 650 does, I would strongly recommend the vegan...
I have a pre-fazor set and I agree they are the logical step from the HD650. I just swapped from the stock leather to the vegan pads and the comfort is greatly improved I've got one of the headband straps on order too. I noticed no negative change in the sound from swapping put the pads.
I got my vegan pads today and all I can say is "holy ****" these are now the headphones I've always wanted. They are so comfortable now, it's like they lost five pounds. If the sound changed at all, it maybe is a slight addition of some "air" but where it's impossible to A/B with the glue on system Audeze has going on, it may just be expectation bias.
I had the HD650 for a few years and got "the itch" and found myself craving the "energy" the HE400 was reported to possess. At first, I loved them and was so enamoured with the bass extension and general feel that I sold my HD650s, after a few years I found upgraditis kicking in again, but this time I found my thoughts wandering back to the silky intimacy of the HD650, I was starting to feel that the HE400 has no soul, and sounded artificial while the HD650 had more of a...
Just did this as well and it's perfect. Small Bi-flanges were too small and bass response was lacking. Large Bi-flanges sounded great but were heavy and hard too keep in place. Cut like this fit amazing and sound just as good as uncut, maybe better because it stays in place slightly better.
Got my pair this afternoon and I'm impressed. Very smooth sound with the right amount of bass. Nowhere near as overpowering as my EPH-100s were.  Listened to "Know Your Enemy" by RATM and was blown away. Punchy, dynamic, and fast.  I usually listen to "No One Knows" by QOTSA as a test for sibilance and while the hard "S" was still present, it was not uncomfortable in the least. Overall I'm blown away by how good these are for $100.  
Just sold my EPH-100s and pulled the trigger on some RE-400s. Can't wait.
Selling a pair of Yamaha EPH-100 IEMs in perfect condition. Includes all tips, extension cord, case, and 1/4" adaptor. Have the clamshell packaging but being clamshell plastics, it's pretty torn up from being opened. Located in Canada, price includes shipping in Canada, add $10 for shipping anywhere in NA
Has anyone compared the RE400 to the Tamara EPH-100. I like my yams but am feeling the treble can be a little fake sounding and the bass can get a touch bloated. From the descriptions the RE400 sounds like it can be a great match. For reference I have HE400s and love them. Sent from my Z10 using Tapatalk 2
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