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Just did this as well and it's perfect. Small Bi-flanges were too small and bass response was lacking. Large Bi-flanges sounded great but were heavy and hard too keep in place. Cut like this fit amazing and sound just as good as uncut, maybe better because it stays in place slightly better.
Got my pair this afternoon and I'm impressed. Very smooth sound with the right amount of bass. Nowhere near as overpowering as my EPH-100s were.  Listened to "Know Your Enemy" by RATM and was blown away. Punchy, dynamic, and fast.  I usually listen to "No One Knows" by QOTSA as a test for sibilance and while the hard "S" was still present, it was not uncomfortable in the least. Overall I'm blown away by how good these are for $100.  
Just sold my EPH-100s and pulled the trigger on some RE-400s. Can't wait.
Selling a pair of Yamaha EPH-100 IEMs in perfect condition. Includes all tips, extension cord, case, and 1/4" adaptor. Have the clamshell packaging but being clamshell plastics, it's pretty torn up from being opened. Located in Canada, price includes shipping in Canada, add $10 for shipping anywhere in NA
Has anyone compared the RE400 to the Tamara EPH-100. I like my yams but am feeling the treble can be a little fake sounding and the bass can get a touch bloated. From the descriptions the RE400 sounds like it can be a great match. For reference I have HE400s and love them. Sent from my Z10 using Tapatalk 2
CMSS3d isn't something that games support or don't support. The game sends its 5.1 (or whatever) to the sound card and it uses CMSS (or Dolby headphone or THX whatever) to apply virtual surround. The XFI series will fully work for years to come. The big difference is the DACs and the TiHD has a very high quality DAC that you'd need to step up to the ZxR to match.
The Z series cards seem like a step backwards from the TiHD. For the price you can get one for now, I wouldn't look at anything else.
For gaming audio it's pretty hard to beat the Xfi TiHD. The Xonar STX comes close but I feel that CMSS is better for positional audio than Dolby Headphone. Grab the Xfi and get a small analog only Amp. The DAC in the TiHD is as good or better than any entry level DAC you'll find.
Doesn't change the fact that converting from a compressed file to another format can end up sounding worse than converting from a lossless format. Closer would be standing in starbucks with a pocket full of pesos and they're giving a really crappy exchange rate.
I bet people in 1998 used to think that realmedia would never go away either. Chances are MP3 will be around forever but what if it's not? I'm just saying that with HDDs being so cheap, it makes no sense not to keep lossless as your base format and convert to lossy for portable players. My 15,000 song library and my iTunes copy both fit handily on a 1TB drive. $50 for the disk, $50 for an external to back it up to. Is $100 really that mush more expensive than the $80 it...
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