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Agreed, the Lohb strap is essential. I've had mine on both my LCD2's since shortly after I got the first pair. 
I had a Sheer Audio HA-006+ which is a Dynalo design (clone of the Gilmore Lite). While it was a great match for the HD650, It was not very good with the LCD-2. I could never find a solid spec on what it's output power at 50ohm was but I'm guessing it's well under a half watt. It just didn't have the guts to push the LCD-2. When I upgraded to a more powerful amp, they came alive.  
Yes, I currently run optical from my SB:Z to my external DAC and then out to my amp. I get the full SBX surround functionality.
It's been a while since I've paid much attention to the portable amps available but I once looked at the Ray Samuels SR71b and it was phenomenal. If you want something with a DAC, I hear the Chord Mojo is pretty good.
For the popping and clicks under WASAPI, you can also try adjusting the latency for the device. I'm not sure the exact steps under foobar as I use jRiver. I had been using the Mimby via USB with a 10msec latency and all was well but I got a new sound card and switched to optical and it was pop city. I remembered that I had lowered the latency and set it back to 50msec and all was well.
I plugged my LCD2 into my iPhone 7 exactly once to test whether some noise I was hearing was my headphones or somewhere in the chain. After hearing what they sounded like unamplified out of my phone I can honestly say if that was my only source I wouldn't listen to the LCD2 much if at all. Aside from the relative lack in volume it sounded very thin and was missing the punch and dynamics that the LCD2 is known for.
The Burson Conductor V2 puts out that kind of power but is considerably above your budget ($1k USD). At that budget you'll probably do best finding a used speaker amp and wiring up an adapter to the speaker taps. 
I'd imagine you'll hear some change from the NFB-12. I had both the Mimby and the MyDAC (which should be at least on-par with the NFB-12) hooked up to different inputs on my Soloist and used jRiver to output to both simultaneously while I switched back and forth and while in the grand scale of things the differences weren't night and day, there was a definite improvement with the Mimby.    The soundstage was much more 3D and alive sounding. On things like the guitar solo...
 I hear that. I was looking at a DAC upgrade last month and decided on the Mimby and posted a few wanted classifieds to see if a used one would pop up, I ended up buying a Micromega MyDAC and was pretty pleased with it but I forgot to close my ad and a few days later got offered a Mimby for a great price. Wasn't planning on that added expense but oh well. 
Yeah, they are pretty much the same headphone just different finish and the foam tape to slightly change the sound. They will feel identical on your head.
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