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It took about 2 weeks I believe. I ordered it right before the 4th of July so there was probably a slight delay because of the holiday. At any rate I thought it was very quick for a custom made cable.
I would like to post a followup regarding my communication with Stefan AudioArt about the 1/4" connector question I asked them. Aparently there was a bit of a miscommunication about their response to me. They sent more detailed info about their choice. Here it is: I would like to point out that the 1/4" connector is a very high quality precision German made terminator with is Silver plated. Technically, Silver is a better conductor than gold. I tested dozens of...
I ordered the cable in a custom 12' length a few weeks ago and they came in today, a few days earlier than they told me. This is 3' longer than the standard Equinox cable and about 2' longer than the one that came with my Senns. Before I state my opinions, let me tell you what I'm listening on. The source is the Sony S9000ES SACD/DVD player which connects to my Sony V444ES Receiver with 1-meter M950i M series Monster cable. The Senns are jacked into the receiver(no...
Thanks for the help everyone! I decided on the glass head. It's so strange and interesting looking, I had to get it. It can also hold hats, sunglasses etc. Go crazy! btw you were right markl, it's very heavy indeed.
Thanks for the tip markl. A bit freakish, but that's what I like about it. However I really want a stand I can loop that 12' cable on as well. I could wrap it around the glass head's neck like a necklace, but that would make it a bit too unstable I think. Any other suggestions anyone?
I have the Sennheiser HD600 cans and just ordered a custom 12' length of Equinox. I've been keeping my Senns in the custom box they came in, but that isn't going to work anymore with the new heavy cables. Where can I get a headphone stand that will hold them both? Something like this: Or this: I can't seem to find any info on such stands. Please...
How long is the Red Clou HD600 replacement cable? Is it longer or shorter than the original Senn cable? Also is there a specific extension cable that would compliment it well? I currently have the standard 15' Grado. Thanks...Eric
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