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I did see that the DSS2 does not have a dedicated mic input.  So i'm guessing you must use a gaming headset with mic to have chat capability?  I have both a 360 and PS3, will be gaming on both and MUST have chat capability for BF3 MW3 on the 360... PS3 I don't need chat.  What are my options for chat with the DSS2 on 360?  Would a clip on mic and SteelSeries controller adapter work?     Also... cant find those old LabTec mic's everyone used to hack up and stick on their...
Now how is the DSS2, honestly?  I hear so many say that the original DSS sounds much better and that the MixAmp blows the DSS2 away?  In the market and deciding between the DSS2 and MixAmp.
From the side they look like some cod piece that should be on a Halo like armor bah-hahaha! Horrid!
Post some audio huh?  Well, don't mid if I do... been on a Daft kick lately.  Man does this Derezzed remix sound crazy good on these!!  The thunder in the beginning honestly scared the hell outa' me as I had the volume accidentally maxed out haha.  My new D2000's are likely getting returned... I could use all that cash towards my new BMC road bike ;P  I'm no crazy audiophile... these and my sr80i's and AD700's are all I need for now.  
Ok just got home and took them out of the box and i'm now listening to the Tron Legacy soundtrack ALAC on my MackBookPro and well... color me impressed!  I honestly took the rave reviews with a grain of salt; however, i'm really happy with the sound!  The mids really aren't recessed... the highs aren't piercing nor are they tinny... the bass is most definitely present.  I can't wait to see how they do after a few days burn-in.  Best $30 i've spent on any headphones!...
Just got an email notification saying mine were delivered.  I'm excited to get home after work and try these guys out!  Going to watch some "been-meaning-to-watch" movies tonight with them through my PS3... hope they aren't too 'meh before the burn-in.
Another vote for the 770/80Ω.  I've been looking for a while now for a new set for or below $150 and haven't had any luck.  Ordered a set of RP-HTF600-S's to keep the bass side of me happy until then. 
Same... but I ordered anyway... can't beat $29.99 and free shipping.
yeah i can never seem to find any on their EBay site.... must go quick.
I'm looking for a dedicated movie and gaming set of cans for under $250 to pair with my Astro MixAmp 5.8 for 50% games 50% movies.  I have the AD700s for when I want to be a footstep-whore but i'm looking for something with more bass and fun factor.  The AD700s are very lacking when watching action movies.  I could care less about open vs closed... but I do want to keep a nice open/large soundstage as I play mostly FPS.  I was thinking of picking up the Panasonic...
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