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CS:GO is coming out soon... are you excited for some classic, unforgiving FPS action?  I for one can't wait!       Do you think xbox 360 users will take to this like the PC and PS3 crowds using keyboard and mouse?  From my limited experience with CS it's kind of mandatory to have mouse/keyboard input... i'm not sure how the decreased accuracy will come into play online.  I just hope they keep any aim-assists off and keep the damage uber high.  I don't...
Yeah, I totally didn't even think of that... doh.  Well I found a new Turtle Beach DX11 set at best buy for $79 so I snagged that.  The X11 headset is not bad at all, i was surprised!  Loads more detailed than the ax720.  The 720 sounds awfully bloat in the lower regions.    Im using the DSS with the wired in-line control switch/dual 3.5 jack from an AX180 along with the mic from it on an adapter.  Sounds fantastic!  The most fun cans of mine to use with the DSS so far...
xbox live gamer tag: Gun Fer Hire   I'm always up to play with others who like to communicate and play tactically in BF3 or MW3.
Most ever review i've read states that headsets with multiple drivers sound nowhere near as good as a decent stereo headset running through a decoder.  
I've been waiting all week to have time and sit down for full day and begin ME3... no distractions, just the game and some beers haha.  I'll be carrying over my Shepard from ME1-2 and going through as a paragon this first round.  Any initial tips or tricks on the first few hours?  Anything you really wished you did differently or places you got stuck/lost only to find the solution was staring you in the face, etc.?
  Mass Effect 3 is finally here... Let's put all discussion in a nice, easy to find place.   Let's also try to keep thing's spoiler free by including *SPOILERS* in the begining of your post.  
Ahh, ok, makes perfect sense now!  Ever see any mic (as are common 2.5mm size) adapters with a mute switch?  That's one important factor i'm looking for... and you did say it's quiet hooking the mic up this way, no?     As for the actual mic, I know this new "mod mic" is popular... but is it any good quality wise?  For $30 it better damn well be lol.  I've heard bad things about the Zalman ZIM-MIC1.   If using the Dolby box from the AX720's... how would one hookup their...
What do you mean by a mono "Section"?  So no matter what it's going to be low?  Hmmm... sounds like it would just be easier to go with the MixAmp.    
The connector would be an option... but I thought that only works with PS3.  I need chat and mute capability on the 360.  And I believe you're correct in that the 360's controller sends voice to the xbox... I don't know of a way to accomplish that with the DSS2.  Anyone rigged up their DSS2 successfully with chat/mute to the 360?  I apologize if i'm missing something simple here.    
Hmm... so this Syba adapter can't be rigged with a wire to the controller in some manner?  There is gotta be some solid way to get a DSS2 to work with chat on a 360!
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