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Yeah the multiplayer is extremely boring to me.  How and what is the file modification you mention?  Do please tell!!! 
Finally had the time to sit down and finish the game... and crap, now I see why so many people were upset.  MAJOR letdown with the ending and choices.     [[SPOILER]] Anyone else excited to see what this new ending DLC will be?  Any guesses?
  I see what you're saying.  And it does deserve something more than another re-skin... it deserves iron sights and some attachment options    Nothing crazy... just some more modernization and a touch of added realism.  Even if people will still be bunny hopping around corners with the deagle.
  Hmm... to each his one I guess.  I think I must be biased because of personal experience with my real firearms.  I just cant get into trying to aim at something on screen with floating white cross hairs while my rifle is to the low right of my FOV pointing far to the left of my target... it's just wrong.  CS goes into correct sight picture with the sniper rifles... why not change it so everything else does?  It's an antiquated system and should be updated (IMHO).  I...
I hope so!  BF3 is like sooooo close to being an amazing game... it's the mechanics that take away from it.  I still love the hell out of it though ;)
No, no, no... you got me all wrong!  Keep BF the same.. maps, weapons, etc... just use much improved net code,  better hit detection and smoother 60fps crisp animations... less gemoetry hang-ups etc.  Think: Improving BF3.  I'm not a COD fan, but you have it admit it has stellar hit detection and uber crisp animations.  
Now before you knock it... hear me out... BF and COD had a baby.   Imagine for some reason the guys at BF got their hands on the net code and 60 smooth frames per second animations (capability) from the (boring) COD series.  I can't imagine how much fun BF3 would be with perfect hit detection and crystal clear 60fps visuals... id play the hell out of it!  
Now I might get flamed by the CS vets here but.... I really, really do wish they would implement iron sights with scopes/attachments etc!  It's hard for me personally going back to simple cross hairs now that modern FPS have adopted the (perfect, imo) "left trigger to shoulder the firearm and look down the sights" mechanic.  Anyone else feel that way?  Do you wish CS:GO had iron sights?
  Thank you, exactly!!  Lol I'm all for realism... but there is a fine line... COD4 MW was just about at the threshold IMO.  MW3 makes my head hurt at times with the clutter and added detail etc.  Ok, sure boxes everywhere, litter, debris blowing in the wind and pitch black shadows are neat... but c'mon!  Haha my biggest annoyance in any of the new shooters is the blowing pieces of burnt paper or debris that you catch out of the corner of your eye in a tense moment and...
  So it's good? lol  How does it "feel"... is it true to itself with the same damage levels and no aim-assist etc?  I miss that "feel" of being truly fragile and scared to get shot at bc when you get hit... you're dead!  Even with MW3 and BF3 can still take multiple rounds before going down.  I also really liked the non-cluttered maps of the older classic FPS shooters.  
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