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I use the DT880 for EDM too :D but yeah get DT880 if you listen to other genres too. I auditioned and chose DT880 over K550, Momentum, HD600 and custom pro 1. Try out before buying. 
As the tile stated above.  Was wondering about se215 vs Fischer Audio Tandem too. Thanks.
Thank you. 
Will be playing this using my laptop Dell 15R SE. No amp. Will only get it after I save more money. =/
Heya all! Back again. Need to get a new one because my SRH440 broke. :(  Firstly I'm from Msia and I will only get my gear from Jaben. The prices here in Msia is quite high compared to other countries.( USD0.33 = RM1) Willing to spend around RM1.5k (can stretch further). SQ> Price.   Please refer the price at Jaben online site. Would like to prefer an all rounder and closed back headphone or IEM. Good noise isolation ones. Love female vocals and good instrument...
Thank you. :D
Heya all! (Comrades. I guess.)   Mind listing headphones you guys like to enjoy J-pop or J-rock? Thanks.   Cheers.
Hmm thanks for showing the thread! Much appreciate it. Cheers!  
Thanks for the guidance MorbidToaster, Armaegis and miceblue(again...)! Btw any opinions about the ATH AD 900 or the ATHAD700 (A or AD series)? 
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