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Of your choices (I assume you're looking for budget-friendly) the Koss KSC75 is a marvellous place to start. Easily driven & a wide-open, impactful SQ... If you're more interested in in-ears, lewislink's recommendations are sound (JBL REf 220's for ex)
I didn't notice much if any change when I had ES2 - seemed to be more a ergonomics thing, in that the thinness/flexibility of the Westone cable made it much less noticeable while wearing. But I didn't have any issue with the stock cable so reverted to that. As for the custom cable, sorry, no experience...
Thanks See my edit... I'll hopefully hear from you Maybe...
Hi Allen Would a bank transfer work for you - there's no way I have that kind of money in my Paypal account! Consider it sold if we can agree payment!
Ebay usually has a selection. My usual source, iDealsound, no longer sells there (pity, as his prices were fabulously cheap), but others do have Shure accessories. I listened last nght to Anja Garbarek 'Balloon Mood' with Triples & clear tips. Still a wonderful, wonderful sound. The only thing I would warn about the clear tips is, they are pretty hard, not soft and squishy like ordinary silicons/foams. But once you're used to em, I do think they deliver the best SQ...
Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi How long did it take shipping wise for you? Ordered on 13th July - received 21 July, China to UK. Pretty fast!
Well, I'm going to trot out my preferred tips: Shure E2c clear silicon. Honestly, this morning, the UE silicon sounded dreadful. Boomy bass, thickened mids. Yick. Against OK1, they made Triples sound bad. When I changed to my old standby, the Shures, everything got better. Edit\ Now, Tony..... Me? Review? I aint no audiophile! Tempting tho....especially to review using Beefheart and Pere Ubu!
Quote: Originally Posted by antonyfirst And they last for ages. As you said, they are the most durable foamies around. And the fact that they are black makes them very low profile and socially acceptable , which I couldn't say about the Comply T400. LOL. Yeah, I used to think my ear cleanliness was pretty good until I tried Comply. That yellow stain after two/three days...yeuchhhh. Olives are great in that respect - wash n go. And Elluzion,...
I'd say olives because a, they come in a range of sizes b, they last for ages However, for SQ I don't think they or many foams are the best with Triples (ER-6 foams worked well IIRC, but it was four months ago.) But it really is worth experimenting with a pair of olives. Just to see -they're really comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi Dammit, stop convincing me even more to buy the Fiio :P Ah, be bold - go on! It's less than buying Shure tips or even a small breakfast
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