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I adore Betty's Breakfast (single estate tippy Assam) - my favourite 'standard' tea, and Jackson's Afternoon blend, both in common UK config (dash of milk, sugar to taste)... Pretty impressed w/ white teas too. Loose tea beats any bag you care to dangle...
Emphasised treble n bass - the so-called 'smile' freq response. 500's certainly have a bright treble and deep bass.
I get it on some pages, but no real hassle just a delay until I can click 'yes'. Vaguely annoying tho....
2. Attach w/ double sided velcro... 1. No idea I take it you want the E5 because of its form factor? Have to agree somewhat with Scott: it's no Tomahawk beater (I have both & the Hawk gets a lot more use). But, cheap as heck, so why not Every $ spent is another blow to yr wallet. Yay!
Duncan, lemme know when you need that second pair. I'll loan you mine...(oops, I'd better get to burning them properly in then!)
Confirm the 500's are much brighter in treble than IE8, but carrying a deep bass too.
So Duncan - less than one day in & probably too soon for a verdict, but what the heck 500 same model as 1000? ps - timmyGCSE et al - still need to pull the mini-meet together!
DOA = Dead On Arrival
If they're not the same beast, I have faithfully promised my wallet I will not buy the 1000's........... yet.
Cheers - looking forward to hearing your thoughts
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