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Quote: Originally Posted by IPodPJ I will start posting new and interesting facts from around the world on a regular basis, primarily dealing with the world of science. Could I also suggest a subscription to Fortean Times? We need our Chupacabras!
A pic of a case bought originally in Mass. from what I can see on the dealer receipt in other pix (from the For Sale forum- not my own). Would seem identical: Welcome to Head Fi by the way
Just as an aside, I was surprised to find out that the 500's leak...enough to wake my wife so she could complain that I'd 'left the radio on'. So I guess that metal gridwork does let sound out after all, plus the shallower insertion. She never wakes w/ W3 btw, but their very design seems to preclude any leakage anyways - the way the shell fills your, er, ear 'cup'.
Quote: Originally Posted by timmyGCSE Has anyone listened to these and the Westone 3's? The 3's are £110 more if I import them (£310 if I don't haha) but the only benefit I could really see is having a better isolation (and me satisfying myself that I own the most expensive universal IEM in the UK) Me. So let's finalise that meet-up & you can hear both I like both, but if I had to keep only one between em? Westone 3...
Y'know, until the past couple of pages, I was actually getting closer to ordering the 13's...but if this is the effect they have...
Quote: Originally Posted by music_4321 Oh, so that's what aural sex is all about - Now I get it. You wish.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigon_ridge Wow this has got to be the most humorous thread, yet. You haven't been here too long, eh? Edit\ 2006? Where you been, man? I'd do a search for threads by & about patrick82 for starters.
On the drag & drop -it doesn't show up in My Computer as a drive? If you're running Windows, when you connect the USB, no message? Edit\ nvm - HiFlight in one. Be wary of some firmware (Korean 1.31 IIRC) - doesn't work with Rockbox. Check for info:
Congrats. Hope you like em. Let us know what you think...
Apart from the obvious attempts at teenybopper/rapper bling rubbish, in serious headphones I have to vote for Sennheiser HD-800 as a current pick. I mean, I'm a big Dr Who fan but these things look like they came out of the Cybermen HQ... Previous vintage joys were those revolting neck-cushion things. What were they called? Bugger, no pix for either. Well, I'm sure you all know what the Senns look like
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