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Quote: Originally Posted by TopPop ^I don't think those are headphones.... Yep, look like ear defenders. Great isolation tho
Now we're past that idiotic warning - I agree with Gatto: if possible do what you love. Work will never be a chore, and what you achieve thru your work will be payment enough. Plus the $$$ of course
Quote: Originally Posted by ecclesand WTF? Nice attitude. Do you really expect to get valuable information from other members of this community with an OP like that? I have a graduate degree and a very good job in the same industry for the past 18 years and I'll be damned if I share any of the specifics with you. REPORT THAT!!! Nice I fear he actually may be up his own arse. Sad. Enough time to reconsider, but dinner calls....
Quote: Originally Posted by blackbird Hmm, good point. I'll update the original after dinner. Try losing the warning - that would help. Unless you really do want to come across as some head-up-your-arse. After all, we're here to help. And cajole. And mock.
Mine died when I was five....who knows? Did I ever really know the man, or just an idea of 'father'? My dad's death made our lives more economically hard for sure. Not his fault, just a fact. We were poor I guess. Free school meals, free government-funded clothing etc... But I'm not sure now I'd want or need one. A dad that is... Seeing others' dads, I was pretty pleased not to have one for awhile when I was younger. I dunno, you make what you can of what you have.....
Quote: Originally Posted by blackbird . Warning: DO NOT POST ANYTHING STUPID, OR YOU WILL GET REPORTED. Way to start a thread.... Lessee, social worker?
" I had a dream that I wrote Lord Of The Rings.. Then I realised I was just Tolkien in my sleep " Arf arf
Quote: Originally Posted by applaudio Man, that's gotta be the most polarizing headphone design ever! People either think it looks awesome, or completely hideous. Heh, I'll take the chic 50's retro look of Forbidden Planet anyday over the silver plastic, cyberdog look of Battlefield Earth
Eh? speak up sonny... Seriously, not that loud, certainly at night when it's quiet... Hardly ever put the Mustang above 10 o'clock. Gulp - maybe I have porous ears!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ducks_own They look sweet, do you need an amp for them or anything? They look like they might need a bit of extra juice. Argghhh...the one thing HD-800 do not look is...sweet. that's sweet! Welcome. Cough up. You know you will - just a question of when...
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