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This thread should get the metallers out in droves.... What's the point? Life is the point. Society moving faster, people bewitched by ads, cars, cryo cables, identikit celebrities, JH-13Pro or whatever is beside the point. You don't have to partake of that maya...it's an act of mind: that old Buddhist saw seems apt - two monks endlessly arguing whether the wind moved a flag or the flag moved itself. Teacher came along, said: 'Neither, it is your mind moving'. ...
Thanks for the allmusic link to Beware, leeperry. But it's not the same album...looking at my vinyl copy, sleeve is totally different (mine is a multicoloured painting of a Rasta throwing down the tablets of stone onto the Statue Of Liberty) as are track names. I see on the label it's simply titled Beware Dub (Vivian (Yabby U) Jackson) Prophets. Grove Records, which I believe was a North London (UK) label. Sleeve: Recorded at Channel One, JA, mixed at King Tubby's,...
leeperry, you found Beware on CD? Impressed - I've kept an eye on the racks for years but never found it. The wrong racks obviously! I'd be grateful for label & cat number.... I need to check out Vibration, and the expanded Super Ape. Thanks. I agree. No Puma? No Rose?! No Black Uhuru! x2 on Linval Thompson, Toots and Moses, Isaacs of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by tru blu There have been too few mentions of Lucinda and Rosanne, so for my $.02 prize: Lucinda Williams Rosanne Cash Definite x2 on these ladies...I kinda like Nancy Griffiths too...
Frogspit rubbed on both cups on a full moon night with a cloudless sky. Works for me. Dang hard gettin' em to cough up tho...I tempt em with flies n ants usually - if that don't work I threaten em with a silica gel packet or two.
I hope you guys are not including Dwight Yoakam & Rosie Flores with the soulless mainstream babble ( I guess you'd call them contemporary tho they've been around for years)....& x2 on Laura Cantrell, Amy Allison and 16 Horsepower. I also like, nay, love, Emmylou, Handsome Family, Ian Tyson, even ol' Mike Murphy, & for a bit of bar-band fun the Two Dollar Pistols.
most of my reggae is on vinyl, but you can pick a lot of them up on CD. A few faves: Culture: Two Sevens Clash Yabby Yu & The Prophets: Beware Dub (good luck finding this on CD! I never have ) Bob Marley & The Wailers: Rastaman Vibration/Burnin'/Catch A Fire Prince Far I & The Arabs: Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 111 Bunny Wailer: Blackheart Man Mighty Diamonds: Right Time/Planet Earth Dr Alimantado: Best Dressed Chicken Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: Super...
Hey GDV, a vey happy birthday to you. Keep flyin' the Kinkdom flag!
Indeed - and many happy returns.
Short cable (+ an extension if you need it)? Victor FX - HP500, deliciously compact cable and darn good SQ to boot.
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