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Got your flac vest handy, Sandy? Could be needed!
Forgive me if this reads like a mini-rant, but 'aural sex' is just one of the most awful hooklines I've ever seen...sounds real cheap compared to the apparent quality of the product. Designed to appeal to teenies and very young men? More Skullcandy than premier custom IEM, IMHO. Apologies for the intrusion...just bugs me every time I read that godawful phrase, lol. Out.
Hold on. Where do you fit bands like Elvis Costello & The Attractions/ Talking Heads/Television/ Modern Lovers et cetera? They were no three chord & out merchants. Back in the day (& I played in a so-called new wave, er, punk band), they emerged out of punk but were not punk: new wave, baby. Not a safety pin or tartan strap in sight...well, OK I did have a black leather jacket...and a flying helmet on one gig. Depeche Mode etc? Emerged as New Romantics surely? They &...
Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry I don't remember all this fuss when the godfather died, that kinda pisses me off Amen to that. JB was The King. IMHO he remained great right through his life. One of his last shows here in London that sadly I only caught on TV, was simply mesmerising. That man could make a glacier dance.
Good question. Much as UP was a groundbreaking release, I have to vote Closer as I just have always played it more. 'The Eternal' just takes my breath away...
Quote: Originally Posted by Scott_Tarlow Where are the doors? Well, Jim's in Mexico and the other guys had an argument soooo...... My vote is my avatar. But I'll add the good Captain & His Magic Band for good measure, if only for Trout Mask... ps -David -my apologies, I'll get that Perception comparison done this weekend, finally.
Shows how we all hear differently: sharp-sounding is just not a description I associate when listening to W3. Boosted bass, heck yes, but I just haven't found the treble sharp, sibilant, piercing.....mebbe I am simply deaf at upper registers, lol.
Great sig, limpid. Made my day. BTW, is that the red or white laces on the trainers? There's a difference y'know...And the whale must be facing South. Too boomy facing West. 's true, I heard it, I tell ya
For me, Westone 3....but you won't get the same prominence in treble w/out a soupcon of EQing. W3 treble is pretty nice tho. Very listenable IEMs.
When I used to eat steaks: fried eggs, dash of salt, black pepper. Yum....
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