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Dang, ppau, your avatar just got me again. Went to brush that bug off my monitor...
Of what I've heard: Triple Fi. 10 then Westone 3 (IE8 also, when I don't need/want isolation. Great on the bike) Still evaluating Victor FX500 (very nice tho)
Quote: Originally Posted by mcmurray YouTube - Buckethead with Travis Dickerson - The Chicken Or The Egg Interesting: Doors bass line, Manzarek-like chops....if only it was Kreiger on guitar :P
Cue Patrick82 is camp joke? Neat rig - it will resonate nicely when the wind gets up. And will make you very hard to find by helicopter....useful. And welcome back
Glad it arrived safely. Happy listening Edit\ Sandy - the Null is a nicely made cable. My impressions were it lessened bass slightly, and improved treble slightly. But overall I was much more impressed with the UE custom cables I have ( I have two sets, old & new) - they seem to improve the soundstage/imaging fairly markedly. But, & it is a big but, since acquiring both the Lune and the UE customs, I did not listen via the stock at all, so maybe it's all in my...
Quote: Originally Posted by zotjen I don't know if I would consider Depeche Mode New Romantic since their sound was a little more synth based than other New Romantics such as Spandau Ballet and early Duran Duran. Yes, I think you're right. Not sure what DM would have been classed as. Bleak Berlin later on maybe Must admit, the offerings of SB, DD, DM etc was not a music genre I ever enjoyed or particularly liked (apart from, in electronica,...
x2. Redundant thread, from the get-go. But my 2 cents: Buckethead may be fast, flash and, admittedly, enjoyable in short bursts...but I'll take Robbie Krieger on Moonlight Drive, say, or pretty much anything by Jeff Beck or Hendrix in preference. And fast, with passion? John McLaughlin on Inner Mounting Flame. Not to mention some of the great bluesmen...
'You started it...yes you did...you invaded Poland!'
Quote: Originally Posted by Bolardito The man (JH) is an expert in audio, not marketing. Hey, no disrespect intended at Jerry at all. After all, he's the guy responsible for my most-adored universal IEM. Lousy slogan or no, I'm still very interested in his new products (wallet n wife permitting). (Hope you 13-Pro guys have a sense of humour though....sometimes does feel a little born-again in here )
Quote: Originally Posted by music_4321 ....previous posts here & on the ES3X thread) Sorry, the ES...er....what? thread... jk, honest!
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