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Schoenberg....   dammit.   Hey & Dancing in Your Head..... I'll bet your record collection is simpatico with mine (or vice versa).   I would've thought Free Jazz, but I don't find that tiring at all.      
With you on Mirror Man, heard Grow Fins? Despite my love of TMR, my desert island Beefheart would be have to be Strictly Personal. Gimme Dat Harp Boy still has the capacity to get me being highly embarrassing on the dancefloor any time I hear it, so I guess 'exhausting' may fit, lol.   Anyways, before we turn this to a Beefheart love-in,  I'll also add Verklakte Nachte (sp?), can't think. Keep thinking Schopenhauer but obviously not! Golly,...
Well, I have to hear that version then, tru blu :)   A new take on an 'old' classic? Goody....   I'll look it up!   Thought by now someone would chuck in Trout Mask, an album I've loved since 1969 but one it took me a fair while to finally 'get' all the music on it. Once got, tho, whoooooooooooooo boy. Perhaps one of the best albums of all time :)        
Wow...Several listings here that surprise me. Terry Riley exhausting? I find In C hypnotic, relaxing & uplifting. Just goes to show  - we all hear different... :)     For me - Diamanda Galas - Litanies Of Satan                 Miles - Agartha                 Stockhausen - Stimmung                   Much less tiring than anything by the AOR stadium bands tho ;)
In my cupboard: Sega Megadrive, Mk1 Genesis Nomad PSOne (portable version w/screen) Neo Geo Pocket Color Nintendo Gameboy (the flip-up one, can't think of its name. Bought it for 'Golden Sun') I usually play on PC tho. But the great 16/32 bit Jap shmups are dear to my heart ( & never playing Radiant Silvergun is still a regret - but never figured out emulators: no techie, me). But after all that, 'Bejewelled' is still best game ever! It's simplicity suits my few...
My must wears: Givenchy Gentleman (old formulation, haven't tried the new) Paco Rabanne Black XS Richard James Savile Row Azzaro Pour Homme Used to love Eau Sauvage back in the day - must give it a whirl sometime.
Have 3 pair (more into good suits): 3Sixteen ST100x (first ed.), Nudie Thinn Finn, Levi 511 Faves: the 3Sixteen, lovely fit.
Lookee fakee compareeeeeee Blox -fixed it!
Not sure these fit in your genre... Diamanda Galas - Litanies of Satan. Ambient it's not! More easy on the ear: Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music Both are vocals, tho...but not songs.
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