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  Oops.   *wish I lived*
  25C hot? That's room temperature with the air conditioner on, haha.   Another thing to add to my list of why I wished in the Netherlands.
Even though I've lived in California my whole life, I hate the weather here, haha. The winters are too short, rain is like a special occasion, and the rest of the year it's agonizingly hot and miserable.
  I'm confused as to what he meant by that as well. It seemed to me like he was saying the 701s don't have a detachable cable...but they do.
  Ok. ◔_◔
Despite being touted as neutral by most people, I found the FA-003/HM5 to be on the dark side. The bass was rather boomy and loose with soft impact, and veils or overshadows the smooth and laid back treble somewhat. They are not flat in the bass/lower mids at all. There's a big dip at ~300Hz, and a sizable bump between 100-200Hz.   They are easy enough to drive off of a portable device IME though, and I found them very comfortable. However, I actually like headphones...
( ಠ_ಠ)?   Why is that happening?...   What do you need asked?
  Try this. Go to the page of the DAC itself. Scroll to the bottom and click on "ask a question." Check "other" then hit "continue." Then you should be able to type a message to them. Worked for me just now.   Actually nevermind. That shouldn't make a difference. It works for me when I click "contact member" from the profile too. I don't know why you got that message...
  That happened right after you clicked "contact seller"? That's really weird. So it's impossible to contact them? Who is this person anyways? I wouldn't feel comfortable buying from a seller who won't even receive a message.
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