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@ruffra What is it you don't like about the stock cable? Is it poorly constructed or something?
Perhaps there's been a little bit of a confusion regarding the term "flagship." All I meant by this was that it was the top model of the given manufacturer's line. It's got nothing to do with the way they should sound. A $30 headphone with a 10dB shelf from 200Hz on down and a frequency response of 60Hz-10kHz could technically be considered a flagship under this definition, haha.     Thanks for the impressions! Disappointing to hear 'good low end performance with recessed...
I love their sound, but am looking to sell them for other more practical reasons.    I wish I could afford to keep them just for the sake of having them around. They're somewhat difficult or expensive to get a hold of and really are a special headphone.
@2009 Star Trek Karl Urban was absolutely brilliant. Everything else was meh.   The Voyage Home was actually my favorite of the TOS films.
  If a bunch of people actually do it, I will be laughing the headphones right off of my skull. Then everyone has to post in the same threads above and below each other to spread the confusion further, hahaha.
  ಥ_ಥ   Why?
    My new school is turning out to be actually way more awesome than I expected. For the first time in life I'm kind of excited about it. There seems to be plenty of interesting things to get into. I've been flailing around in indifference for the previous four years up til now.   I also noticed there's someone on the staff named Arthur Winer. Instantly reminded me of Ethan Winer (not sure how many around here know who he is?). How much of a coincidence would it be if...
Class began at 8 a.m. this morning and ended around 8 p.m. ๏_๏ Well, I had some large breaks in between but still. Too tired to read over 100 posts right now.   In other news, the AES club at my school is going to the official AES convention in San Francisco in October. You only have to pay for the ticket and food, and they provide you with a hotel. I hope I can go. (•‿•)
  I hear ya :p
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