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 Just stopping by since I was posting a classified. 
shoo bop shoo bop. dwee doo.
Selling an HRT Headstreamer USB DAC/Amp. Bought it about a year ago here on the FS forums. Everything works and sounds great, and aside from the serial number sticker on the bottom being a little dirty, there aren't really any notable cosmetic flaws to speak of. I don't have the original box anymore, but it comes with the USB cable. I will pay for shipping.   specs:   This is it. This is the last piece of...
  Tamayura=really like it but not sure why. Shinsekai=schiit.
  Most people don't. I'm just trying to accomplish what I want to accomplish in my life in the way that seems like it will bring the least amount of suffering at the time.
  Music, which isn't entirely unrelated but in no way dependent on having an indocrination certificate...I mean degree. I desperately want to avoid "getting a job" and that just being my life, unless it becomes impossible no to do so anymore without dying. The way I see it, I'm living in a primitive, violent, and dangerous era of human history, and that's where my life will take place whether I'm "successful" or not. Why would I sacrifice my entire life, all my time and...
  Kinda, but I can't quit outright because my parents wouldn't let me.
  Because I haven't been going to any of my classes for the last two quarters.
  I'm probably going to get disqualified from my school very soon, haha.
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