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 I thought so too, but oddly enough I disliked it. ¯\(°_o)/¯
 Interesting.  I guess I just really like stuff that has this type of atmosphere. Dunno. Probably just case by case.
 lol.  Does Audeze have new headphones or something? LCD-XC? Are those closed?   
 That's hawt.
 Yeah, I really like jazzy hip hop myself. Thanks for all the links.As far as I can tell it also seems like musicians who are interested in experimenting with similar styles are not very common, or at least not readily found. Around where I live it seems like almost everybody only plays rock. I guess it's a relatively new thing. Pretty much all of the stuff I mentioned and am aware of so far only started coming out or into some form of prominence in the last few years, or...
 Thanks. Yeah, maybe that's a better way of phrasing it because that's pretty much what I am looking for more of. I'm a drummer myself so while I also enjoy more straight ahead rap/hip hop, it is especially interesting to me when musicians incorporate various types of genres/feels that aren't always played by musicians.
Hello. Looking for recommendations on musicians or groups who play hip hop, electronic, jazz, or related/reminiscent music incorporating live instruments. I've heard of artists who play with bands just during live performances, but I'm looking for a little more than that. One-off albums which feature live music could also work (for example Shing02's album Waikyoku features live musicians). Here's a few examples of people who do or have done this to give you an idea what...
 HRT Headstreamer DAC/Amp. If/when this goes, aside from relatively cheap IEMs which I only use for utilitarian purposes and a bare bones speaker vintage speaker setup which is all hand-me-downs, I will officially be hifi-gearless :(  Chingrish is life.
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