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I only read the quote in the first post towards the top of the last page. It sounds like something any average retarded human in the area I live in could end up saying, haha.
@Walmart Stuff That is seriously sickening. You know it's bad when people say they're "proud" of being victimized and exploited their entire lives. I'm still only halfway through Fantastic Children but holy crap this is one the best shows I've ever seen.
 Haha. I never really had a problem since threads with new replies move to the top of list, but I did the same thing a while back.   That's what it used to do for me, but alas no longer. When I click on it, it just refreshes the page and lands on the most recent post. Although I found a workaround which I explained a few posts back.
 I see. I guess I've always just liked the way it's laid out when you use "threads" mode better.
Bowei, I just noticed that since I've been gone you have almost 30,000 posts and are #3 of all time lol.
 Really? I have no idea how I would keep up with anything without using the subscriptions page. I've tried using a few other forums before but just gave up because none of them are laid out the way Head-fi is with an efficient way for me to keep tabs on threads. Haha. At least lower number SRH models for people with larger or wider heads maybe.
Shures...the horror! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
 Chromium, but I tested and it happens in Firefox too. Weird coincidence though, I just accidentally discovered a workaround completely by accident a few minutes ago. Normally, from my subscriptions page, when I want to go read new posts in a thread I usually click on the link to the latest post to get to the thread. From there I used to click the link to "xx unread posts" and it would take me to my last unread post. That no longer functions for me. However, if from the...
 I suspect it's only me...
I can't remember if I asked this once before, but does anybody have problems with the "x unread posts" link in threads?  It still shows the number of unread posts, but when I click on it the page just refreshes to the most recent post. Not helpful. I noticed this a super long time ago before I pretty much stopped going on Head-fi and assumed it was a bug that would get fixed in time or something, but months later it's still happening. Also, on the third episode of...
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