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  Most people don't. I'm just trying to accomplish what I want to accomplish in my life in the way that seems like it will bring the least amount of suffering at the time.
  Music, which isn't entirely unrelated but in no way dependent on having an indocrination certificate...I mean degree. I desperately want to avoid "getting a job" and that just being my life, unless it becomes impossible no to do so anymore without dying. The way I see it, I'm living in a primitive, violent, and dangerous era of human history, and that's where my life will take place whether I'm "successful" or not. Why would I sacrifice my entire life, all my time and...
  Kinda, but I can't quit outright because my parents wouldn't let me.
  Because I haven't been going to any of my classes for the last two quarters.
  I'm probably going to get disqualified from my school very soon, haha.
  Man, that's really annoying. I wonder what has been causing that?
  ╚(•⌂•)╝     I've noticed that for a long time on Head-fi the unread posts thing doesn't work anymore. When I go into a thread and click on for example "16 unread posts" the page refreshes but is still on the most recent bottom post, and it no longer says that there are any unread posts. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?
  Yup. I pretty much only listen on speakers nowadays.
  Yeah...that sucked...I just meant the sound. I don't particularly miss the sound of any headphone other than that one.
  I'll check it out sometime.   Not that I would ever have time to use them, but I think the only headphone that I miss is the AD2000s. Those were by far the headphone for me.   @Violin  Woops.
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