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 I'm the total opposite, haha.
 Oh, haha.
 Nah... ¬_¬
 I can't be bothered to read manga, especially if it was off of a computer screen. I like animation :( Even if I was willing to read, I still wouldn't want to because the artwork in the manga looks horrible.
 Only in the sense that it seems to me that many harmful or destructive cultural values are reliant upon the precondition or assumption that free will indeed exists. The way in which common people seem to use it, belief in free will is tantamount to rejecting that there are such things as laws of physics or that anything has a cause (particularly in regards to human behavior). At that point it's totally useless to even pretend to have a conversation or entertain the notion...
 I agree that in the end we only care about our own happiness. Yet, seeing as we rely on other human beings for meeting both biological and psychological needs, ensuring the happiness of others is a necessary component of our own happiness. It seems to me that cases in which it is necessary to actively take advantage of others for your own benefit are largely environmental/situational. Faulty ways of managing and distributing resources which generates scarcity which...
 Thanks. I can't sum up everything that's been happening to me in the last year or two, but basically my life has been in a state of shambles for some time, but thankfully it's finally starting to pick up again. Music is still the only thing in life that isn't depressing to pursue, but it's slow going because unfortunately I don't have the privilege of not having to worry about or be constricted by all kinds of other crap at the same time.Me and my friend are still working...
 Her voice gives me a soul erection...Davichi bores me :p
 That is very pretty.
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