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Shures...the horror! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
 Chromium, but I tested and it happens in Firefox too. Weird coincidence though, I just accidentally discovered a workaround completely by accident a few minutes ago. Normally, from my subscriptions page, when I want to go read new posts in a thread I usually click on the link to the latest post to get to the thread. From there I used to click the link to "xx unread posts" and it would take me to my last unread post. That no longer functions for me. However, if from the...
 I suspect it's only me...
I can't remember if I asked this once before, but does anybody have problems with the "x unread posts" link in threads?  It still shows the number of unread posts, but when I click on it the page just refreshes to the most recent post. Not helpful. I noticed this a super long time ago before I pretty much stopped going on Head-fi and assumed it was a bug that would get fixed in time or something, but months later it's still happening. Also, on the third episode of...
 I thought so too, but oddly enough I disliked it. ¯\(°_o)/¯
 Interesting.  I guess I just really like stuff that has this type of atmosphere. Dunno. Probably just case by case.
 lol.  Does Audeze have new headphones or something? LCD-XC? Are those closed?   
 That's hawt.
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