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 Yo! Man, are other people I used to know still active in this thread?
Page 9557. Dang.
 I don't mind it so far.  I EQ them to have a little more treble and maybe mids. They're not too crazy though. Better than being thin and they have pretty good extension. The Paradoxes were really nice, but I still really miss the AD2000's the most. They were perfection. Too bad the crazy static electricity thing makes them super difficult to use.
I've got nothing to watch right now so I guess I'll try watching Girls und Panzer too.     Got some Shure SE215's today. First Head-fi related thing for me in a super long time. My Ety's were literally being held together by pieces of tape. The Shures are better in every way.
 I'm the total opposite, haha.
 Oh, haha.
 Nah... ¬_¬
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