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  Hm. Well, there was that one time when MorbidToaster posted a pic of three SR-009 sitting next to each other in his house, haha.
  Me too.     Says the guy with the SR-007...
Ads on Head-fi? :p
A friend of mine tried to get me to play dota once. I've forsaken games in general though. Too much other things to be doing with my time.
  It's ok. Nobody likes some of the stuff I loved.
  I found both Clannad and Geass repulsive. (○゜ε^○)
  I know, but people usually use it in that manner, at least colloquially. As in "they said that they wanted the extension" meaning "he/she said he/she wanted the extension."   Oh well, I don't really care anyway. Go ahead and use Sherbert if you want, haha.
  Might it not simply be "they?"
New Posts  All Forums: