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  Nope. It's only 10. I still have two more at 3:50 and 6.     I'll never have another Christmas!
Finals tomorrow. I have music theory at frakking 7 a.m., which means I have to be up at 5-5:30 to make it on time. Wish me luck. Oyasumi~
  In that case, I take back everything I said.   I was using my friend's mac, which for whatever reason does that by default.
  Haha. I hate how nothing aligns to a grid. Like, if you have a directory which contains lots of folders, and you select a folder from the very top and one from the very bottom, and then copy those folders into an empty directory, that empty directory will become super tall so that those copied folders retain their old positions relative to each other. You might have to scroll for 30 seconds just to get to the other side of a directory with two items in it. There's no...
  Dude...NVC isn't even the half of it...there's so much more crap people do and think that makes absolutely no sense and causes most of their problems...   Meh. I say to heck with both communism and capitalism.
    OSX is fine, except Finder. Finder is an abomination which I cannot stand for. Macs are way beyond anything I could ever dream of affording anyway. Windows is nightmarishly obnoxious, always messing up, doing weird stuff, taking forever at the most inconvenient times, an eyesore. With Ubuntu...everything is free, GUI (using gnome) for me is effortlessly easy to use and has exactly what I want/need without a bunch of extraneous overly convoluted crap I don't, updates...
  I just reread Dissonant's post more closely, and actually now I'm rather certain that it really was a joke...
  Wow. I can't believe Marshall Rosenberg is actually a meme! Haha. Ironically the content of what he's probably talking about in that picture is serious stuff.
  No disrespect intended, but I honestly can't tell anymore if these types of questions are supposed to be jokes or not. Well, I can guess, but we sometimes tend to see what we want to see.
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