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  I found both Clannad and Geass repulsive. (○゜ε^○)
  I know, but people usually use it in that manner, at least colloquially. As in "they said that they wanted the extension" meaning "he/she said he/she wanted the extension."   Oh well, I don't really care anyway. Go ahead and use Sherbert if you want, haha.
  Might it not simply be "they?"
  You can hear a difference? If so, a significant/meaningful difference? If not, what are you talking about?
  Peeked at the OP of the thread you guys are talking about. It said >700mW...doesn't say at what ohms, but if relevant that's already damn big power output, probably way more than needed for anything that guy is imagining or that most people would ever use.
  That looks awesome.     Hahahaha.
  The title of the song is "Sakamichi no Melody." It probably doesn't matter too much. You can just call it OP even and it would get the point across.   The one I mentioned that you forgot is the OP we're already talking about.
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