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  Yeah. And I'm trying to finish a CD by the 31st all day everyday on top of that.
I'm actually slightly surprised I don't have more than 228 unread posts right now. How's it goin'?
  Ok. I get that.
  ๏_๏       Befuddled...
619 unread posts. (=__=)   How's it going?   I haven't been able to keep up with anything online all week. Out of curiosity, anyone mind telling me what's the current status with P-H?
  Personally, I still doubt you'll be able to replace that stock cable with anything half as nice. This is technically just speculation on my part since I've only seen pictures of the cable and has everything to do with my personal preferences/tastes, but crap. I wish I had a cable that nice for my headphones! Unless it's literally defective (which is something I think more people would be noticing?) I can't imagine why you'd even want to replace it in the first place.
  Yup, haha.
  USB interface then? You only need phantom power if you are using condenser mics, and it's not really something to worry about anyway since pretty much everything should have phantom power.
  I'll link this in the OP.
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