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Yo. Happy to report that my family actually had some chinese food on a holiday as opposed to stupid american food.
  I'm actually gonna take a shower now, leave for the studio, and then probably not be online til 2013 except for a few minutes on an off day or something, haha.
Updated OP.
  Yeah. And I'm trying to finish a CD by the 31st all day everyday on top of that.
I'm actually slightly surprised I don't have more than 228 unread posts right now. How's it goin'?
  Ok. I get that.
  ๏_๏       Befuddled...
619 unread posts. (=__=)   How's it going?   I haven't been able to keep up with anything online all week. Out of curiosity, anyone mind telling me what's the current status with P-H?
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