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Hello all. Long time no see, or at least it feels like it. I just saw these today for the first time and I had to animation-gasm on somebody. My soul is crying. (◎_◎;)    
Dang, you guys really are on topic aren't you.
I feel like I haven't watched anything animated in a long time. I feel sad.
1083 unread posts...jeez.
  Bing, bing, and more bing :)
  Ahaha.     Turkey, ham, steak, mashed potatoes, etc. All the plainest most bland foods imaginable, always served dry and cold. I hate beef, steak especially, unless it's asian or mexican or what have you. Holidays I usually end up starving and only having bread to eat because everything else is so disgusting. 
Yo. Happy to report that my family actually had some chinese food on a holiday as opposed to stupid american food.
  I'm actually gonna take a shower now, leave for the studio, and then probably not be online til 2013 except for a few minutes on an off day or something, haha.
Updated OP.
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