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As for Aku no Hana...I still can't believe how amazing it was, even outside of anime. I don't know, maybe it's better that it won't continue though. It looked like it was only gonna get weirder in a way where I possibly wouldn't relate to it as much anymore. If that's the case I wish the 1st season just had some kind of ending though.   "too artistic for me"
 Admittedly I haven't seen the movie, but the trailer already was just so preposterous.  ewwwwwww
Yeah, personally I like headphones with pressure. Can't stand it when I get up to go do something, or shift my sitting position or something and they're practically falling off.
 As someone who listens to jazz and plays the drums, I can't say I agree.  I'm quoting this just because.
 Not sure whether you'd be able to bend the AD2000 headband or not. If you did I imagine it being gradual over a length of time. You could also try stuffing the inside of the earpads with something. Audio Technica's velour type pads are flat, empty, and padless. I used to cut out pieces of an old sweater or tshirt. It changes the sound a little bit depending on how much you actually use and where you put it, but not necessarily in a bad way. I used to stuff only the rear...   OH MY GODS I can't believe I just found it, even though I'm the only one who would be excited by this. It's so awesome that BakaBT has freeleech right now and this is on there. My life is finally coming together and I can put all those dark days of tears and hardship behind me. ಥ_ಥ
 It's wierd! It's wierd! ^I swear that's a line from some anime on a Blockbuster DVD I watched with my cousin and sister a super long time ago. A little girl is calling some guy's green hair weird. Reason I remember is because it became an inside joke between us, but I wish I could remember what the anime was. It's killing me!  3DS and Gamecube FTW. Everything else sucks.  Seriously right? Aku no Hana season 2!!!!! .......Oh wait, it's just me....
The hell?   boris = akiroz now?
 What? Are you implying that I have a famous sense of humor? | ͠° ▃ °͠ |
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