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Selling a pair of NAD Viso HP50's. Bought these from another Headfier barely a month ago. I believe I'm the third owner. Other than a few fingerprints on the cups they are pretty much flawless (the little white dot you see in the pictures was a piece of dust). Comes in the original box with all original accessories: plain cable, remote cable, 1/4" adapter, airplane adapter, accessory pouch, headphone case.   Honestly I only used these maybe 4-5 times. It'd been a very...
  Maybe if it didn't cost money I would at least give it a try, but as it is I'm not worried about it.  Is it just me or does season 2 of this suck? The first wasn't even that good but at least it provided me with some mindless entertainment.  This was the perfect thing to wake up to right now.
 Haha. The artwork isn't my favorite either, but I've been learning the piano as a second instrument recently and this show is making me want to play. Anime characters having lips does kind of weird me out though.
 How many times are you gonna tell me that? Haha. I want it one way or the other: animation or an actual book. Incidentally, there's this jazz club I've been frequenting in LA (Little Tokyo) and last time I was there I went into the nearby Kinokuniya bookstore and like 3/4 of it is just manga. They have a way better Japanese literature selection than anywhere else I've been though at the same time. It's awesome.
 Video games...ka? Another one of those things I'm not motivated to invest any time in. Maybe if I could be awake 24 hours a day haha.
I've been watching Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso for the last couple days and somehow I frakking love this show.   Also I own nice headphones for the first time in a very long time. Got some NAD HP50s from someone in the FS forum.   How's everyone doin'? can view edit histories on posts now? Crazy.
 I've been meaning to watch this ever since seeing a bunch of posts about it on Anipages. What's it about? Or is it one of those things that's not "about" anything? Haha.
 Thanks. I'll look these up later.
Anyone got some random recommendations for some cheesy high school/sol type schiit to watch?
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