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Posts by manveru can view edit histories on posts now? Crazy.
 I've been meaning to watch this ever since seeing a bunch of posts about it on Anipages. What's it about? Or is it one of those things that's not "about" anything? Haha.
 Thanks. I'll look these up later.
Anyone got some random recommendations for some cheesy high school/sol type schiit to watch?
  I didn't really mean it in that way. It's just that I sort of forgot about the pathetic side of hifi culture and it grossed me out to witness it again, haha.  Yup. You have to learn who you should and shouldn't take seriously.
 Seriously. After two years of not going on Headfi, popping my head back in recently, and seeing peoples' posts, it seems like things have only gotten worse. Or at least remained stagnant. When I saw these headphones at NAMM it took me by surprise and I was actually really intrigued by the sound, so I decided to post in a thread like this for old times sake. I regret it a little bit, haha.
 My personal favorites are Spiritual State and Luv(sic) parts 4-6, but all have good songs. Modal Soul is probably a pretty standard choice?
@Nujabes   I'm really pissed that I missed the tribute to Nujabes show with Shing02 and nitsua in LA two nights ago.
 Mostly nothing. The only thing I can say with certainty is that even in a noisy convention environment, I was able to hear the bass and it didn't sound super thin or like I was being instantly bombarded with giant treble spikes, which is something I can't even say about certain closed headphones.Things I can't say with certainty are that the bass struck me as a lot tighter and less boomy than all the other headphones I mentioned in my first post. Whether that suggests the...
Saw the R70x at NAMM earlier today, didn't even know they existed before I wandered past the AT booth. An open AT headphone with wing system, velour pads, and a detachable cable WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE ESPECIALLY WHEN I WAS ACTUALLY INTO HEADFI.   Anyways, it was a super noisy convention environment so it's hard to say anything too specific about the sound and you shouldn't take anything I say very seriously, but I also demoed the M70x, HD600/650, TH600/900, and...
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