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The unit is currently pending sale.   [SOLD]
These are still for sale :)
Hello,   I have a one and a half year old Schiit Lyr available for sale from the UK to any EU member states.   The unit was purchased from the authorized UK dealer and is 230 volt ready with UK kettle cord included.   This particular unit has the JJ E88CC tubes - and has the majority of its five year warranty still left (3.5 years).   It is in excellent shape, with no visible scratches/blemishes. I have the original box and invoice as well. Originally...
Sold. Thanks to all who contacted me with inquiries.
Hello,   Both amp and headphones are still available. I am currently looking for 300 GBP for the amp. This is 150 GBP below retail price, the majority of the warranty is still valid and all original packaging/invoices is included.   Regards, Jasio
Hello,   I am looking to sell my wonderful pair or HiFiMan HE-500's that I picked up a little over a year ago from another head-fi'er who had bought them but not used them. They were imported into the EU so all the import duties/excise taxes have been paid for and the unit would ship out of the UK to any EU address using standard, tracked shipping.    Reason for sale is quite simple: I am looking to upgrade to HE-6's or consider looking into the world of Stax. I...
Heya,   In an effort to sort out the deep and dense world of tubes and the sheer magnitude of variety and type that are available for any tube or hybrid amp I was hoping the community could provide some general consensus regarding criteria that can be used to uniformly quantify tubes- in order to facilitate a more equal comparison.   While there is a lot of information about various tubes, in various amps on Head-Fi- a lot of it is buried in single posts as users...
While it might not be 100% accurate, you can just say 'Panasonic' tubes even though that suggests they'd be fairly modern. I guess you can use 'Matsu' since I think most folks will clue in.
Could you provide some alternative tubes that you believe have better bass extension and impact (over stock JJ E88CC)? I am not too worried about budget, I'd like to stay under $150 for a matched pair but suggestions are much appreciated.   @HK_sends - thanks, I will take a look at some alternative ECC88/PCC88 - any particular model suggestions?
So, I've seen some mention of these:   http://www.tubemonger.com/Mullard_MPs_MINT_NOS_1967_MIL_7308_CV4109_E188CC_p/2000m.htm   But has anyone actually pulled the trigger and rolled these into their Lyr?   As the type of tube recommendations have changed throughout the 145 pages of this thread... what do you folks suggest for someone who mostly listens to Trance/Electronic music and might be looking for more bass impact over the stock E88CC's- I don't want to...
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