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I see, so would you say the SQ on the HE-400 makes up for the lack of portability compared to the PFE 232? Are they a significant upgrade in that regard? Does the HE-400 have the harder hitting bass? And which would you say is more fun to listen to overall?I'll have to get hold of planx. Thank you.
I'm pretty new to the high end audio scene and have my eyes on a pair of these headphones. I was first looking into a pair of ATH-ES10's, but they were priced way too high in the UK for what they are worth. For the same price I could get a pair of HE-400's instead.   I know that open back headphone shouldn't really be compared to IEM's, but I was wondering how the sound quality in these compare with something like the Phonak Audeo PFE 232's? Can someone with...
The prices in the UK are usually extortionate, and the ATH-ES10 are very rare, which adds to their price.   Would the HE-400 be a better buy for the same price? I am willing to sacrifice portability for greater sound quality, and use my IEMs on the go instead.   How do the HE-400's compare to the ES10's? Which has the better bass impact/response and overall sound quality?
Hello guys, I'm really interested in getting this HP but I have some questions before I make a decision to buy or not. When looking for a headphone, bass impact and bass response is very important to me as I like to feel the music. Especially when I listen to my D&B and dubstep collection. How do these perform in this regard?   Are these much of a step up from the likes of the Sennheiser HD25-1 II? Where I live, the Sennheiser's cost around £150 while the cheapest...
I've been in search of some portable on-ear headphones, with the main criteria of being fun to listen to. I've owned a pair of HD-25's, that I regrettably gave to a friend, which I really enjoyed and now looking to replace.   I'd go for the same again, but I thought I'd try something different this time. I'm looking for something with strong bass and good punch, extension and speed. I often listen to dub-step so the bass quality is very important to me. I don't want...
I'm confused. The HD25's are not in the same price range as the MT's, so I'm assuming that you meant the MT Pro line?
If they have the same SQ with more bass impact, I'm sold. Waiting for reviews.
I didn't know that Steve Jobs was an Arab American.    May God have mercy on him.
  It sounds great without EQ, but if you want it sounding exactly how you want...   Just reset the EQ and it's still impressive sounding.   You'll never know for sure if they're for you unless you get to listen to a pair. Bear in mind that they need to be extensively "burned-in" to get the most out of them.
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