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How do the Sennheiser Amperior compare to the ES10? Are the ES10 significantly better sounding headphone for the price difference? I'm still looking for a portable can as I wait for my customs to come through.
  The more I search for the right CIEM, the more confused I get. I may just have to flip a coin in the end to make a decision or else I'd be searching forever!   I really appreciate the help though; what genre of music do you feel each is more geared towards? And finally, which do you feel has the better craftsmanship?     Thank you.
  Is their main website working for you? As I'm getting an error message.
Their website isn't working for me. What is the base price on the 8.A? 
  I don't think the discount is available in the UK. There is only one on-line seller and there is no mention of a discount.
I look forward to hearing your impressions. If they have the mids of the ES5 but with a quicker and punchier bass then it will be very tempting despite the import tax.   The Heir Audio 8.A alone cost £1059 (~$1696) in the UK without the cost of impressions. They kill you with taxes here either way.
  I would have definitely considered them, but they don't seem to be available in the UK.      I think I'm overall leaning most towards the Heir Audio 8.A.   I've omitted the JH16 from my short-list due to the relatively negative experiences I've read people having with them. The Heir Audio just seem to be better in almost every way, or have I been reading misinformation? They apparently are not as refined as the 8.A.   The build quality on the MG6PRO have bothered me,...
These past couple of weeks I've been contemplating an upgrade on my current Miles Davis Tribute IEM's. My first decent quality headphones were the Sennheiser HD25-1 II, which I absolutely loved but foolishly gave them away. I got the MD's and I do enjoy them, they have very good sub bass with satisfying rumble, but I really miss the more punchy mid-bass on the HD25. I was first looking into universals and thought I'd found what I wanted in the PFE-232 after hearing so...
  You're going to start having to charge for advice.    When I got the Tributes, I was lead to believe that the bass was more impactful than on the Sennheiser HD25-1 II, but for me this was not the case at all. The HD25's that I had seemed to hit harder, while the Tributes had more sub bass rumble. I'm actually looking for the hard hitting, quick whack of bass/ driver slam, but I guess it would be too much to ask for in IEM's and their small drivers? Do the PFE-232's...
Hello joker, had a lot of fun reading through your reviews.   Would you, or anyone else with experience of the two IEMs, say that the PFE-232's are a significant upgrade to the Miles Davis Tributes? I currently have the Miles Davis, but I'm looking for something with a bit more clarity and detail. By going to the PFE-232's will I expect to lose much in the bass department? As I still want the impact for the type of music I listen to.   How do the two sound...
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