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I'm thinking about moving from an iPhone 5 to an iPod Classic 7th gen. so that I could use an LOD and have more space for my music. I'm just wondering if I'll seen an improvement in sound quality going that route and if it'll be anything significant?
Hey guys, I'm currently rocking a pair of ATH-ES10 portables and I'm hugely satisfied with them. As it seems that I've hit the potable limit for sound quality from what I've been reading, I want to get myself a pair of full size open back headphones for home use. The first headphone that came into my mind were the HE-400's as I can remember reading up on them and being interested in their sound signature.   I'm looking for something with a noticeable improvement in SQ...
Ye, I've also read that the 30 pin adapter uses a poor DAC. This is my first amp so I'm in no position to advise you but there are many reviews out there from experienced audiophiles. On a separate note, I'm looking to buy some full sized open headphones, particularly the HE-400. Can anybody tell me if it would make a good companion to the ATH-ES10 for home use? Would the HE-400 be an upgrade in SQ? And how would the bass compare between the two?
I just got this amp and I'm using the supplied 3.5mm cable to connect to my iPhone 5. I was wondering if getting the lightning to 30 pin adapter and an LOD would be a worthwhile investment. Will there be a noticeable increase in SQ?
I'm waiting on the ear pads but is it worth getting the 30 pin converter for my iPhone 5 and using a LOD to connect to my e12 or is the 3.5mm connection good enough?
 How did you find the ESW11 pads with the e12 amp? I'm looking at some HE-500's for home use. I feel the bass in these will help in portable use. You also mention that the ESW11 pads isolate better which could be another plus for portable use?
 Man, the more I listen to these the better they sound. Is it just in my head? I see that you had an issue with the bass with the ESW11 ear pads. Do you think this could be corrected using an equaliser? I actually like strrong bass as long as it does not bleed into the mids and highs. I've hooked them up to the Fiio e12 and they sound even more effortless. I've previously owned the Senns hd25 1 ii and although they were impressive, these are on a different level for my...
Just got my headphone and on certain tracks there is a distinct crackling noise. I don't know if it is a problem with the tracks, a defect or an issue of burning in, but I don't hear it with my other phones. Could someone chime in before I send these back? Thank you. edit: it appears that the offending track is at fault, it's just that it wasn't obvious on my other phones. These are starting to really grow on me with an hour of listening. edit: I'm starting to really...
I just ordered a pair of those pads off ebay. I should be receiving the headphones and amp tomorrow. The pads won't be here for another week being shipped from Japan.   I appreciate the advice. Will report back tomorrow with my thoughts.
I've been wanting to get a pair of these for a very long time, but I couldn't bring myself around to paying the astronomical prices here in the UK. The cheapest I can find these are £400 new (~$640)!   Today I found an online retailer offering an open box pair for £330 (~$530) and pulled the trigger. They are still way overpriced, but I just had to have a pair as they seem to have the perfect sound signature for my preference from the reviews I've read.   I got myself...
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