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You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you do not consider the ATH-ES10 and ATH-ES700 - the former having the stronger bass and greater refinement but the latter are amazing value with subjectively "better" mid performance. Two phones that get overlooked way too much IMO.
I've got to bump this back up. Oh my, I've had these for just over a week and they just keep getting better and better. So much more refined and tighter then when I first got them. Even when I listen to my music on low volume the magic is still there. I don't think I've heard headphones perform this good at low volumes. They have made me appreciate my music at a whole new level - I am so glad that I did not get put off by the premium I had to pay in the UK due to...
 If you're looking for something portable then you have to check out the ATH-ES10. A headphone often overlooked due to availability, but if you can get your hands on one then I feel that it will tick most of your boxes. 
  ATH-ES10 + IPC + FiiO E12 = Bliss. 
 I'm noticing an improvement in clarity and the bass rumbles with more authority and accuracy. I really cannot ask for more, and I still have some upgraded ear pads coming through for my ES10's which are said to improve sound-stage and the overall sound signature. I don't think I've smiled so much listening to my music - satisfaction levels are through the roof.
Ahh... Much better. :)     This setup also solves the problem I had with interference when using my iPhone. I'm now tempted to rip all of my music in lossless format, but maybe for a day when I'm less busy.
I'm pleased to hear it! Should be going out tomorrow to get myself one. Another reason for moving to a dedicated player is that answering my phone is a bit of a hassle with a relatively large portable amp strapped to it.
 Cool, I appreciate the help. Looking forward to hearing the difference for myself. I needed the extra space anyway, so any increase in SQ will be a welcome bonus I suppose.
 Just to make it clear, I'm currently using the FiiO E12 with the 3.5mm male to male cable. I'm looking to move to a iPod Classic 7th gen and use a FiiO L9 LOD. Also wanting the extra space but I was just wondering if I'd experience a noticeable upgrade in SQ. Currently using the ATH-ES10's FYI. Cheers.
 I have the e12.
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