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All I can say is that the Audio Technica ATH-ES10 headphones are criminally underrated as portable cans that sound full-sized. I don't know if it is an availability issue but people are missing out big time. 
Has anybody else noticed that the ESW11 ear pads require an increase in volume to get to the same volume level as the stocks? I guess it's due to the increased distance from the speakers, but then I get better isolation. I have to say that I tried my stocks after a good few days with the ESW11 pads and there is a significant difference in sound stage. Everything is so much wider with the new pads.   Still love these headphones. I just ordered a pair of HE-400 Hifiman's...
These are going to be my first pair of open back headphones and the planar magnetics have caught my interest due to their presentation of bass. My current favourite headphones are the ATH-ES10's. Can anybody who has experienced both describe how they differ? Should I expect a significant improvement in SQ? I've actually paid less for these so I'd be pleasantly surprised if they are. Also, do these come with a 3.5mm cable or will I have to buy an adaptor? Thanks
 They sound similar but with stronger bass. I wasn't too fond of them but they sure do stuff like EDM unlike other phones. It's just that they are really limited with other types of music. I personally have a pair of ATH-ES10's for my portable rig that also do EDM very well while being more versatile. They aren't too popular due to availability but they have really surprised me with their big sound for their size, tight impactful bass with great extension, sweet mids and...
You may want to have a look at the Ultrasone pro 900 for EDM, though they're not really versatile.
 I agree wholeheartedly. I wanted to try these long ago but they were hard to source at a reasonable price. I had to go for an open box pair to get them at a more justified price, and I am so glad I did.
Got the pads a day earlier than I thought. Sound-stage and clarity have improved significantly - now that I have tried these the stock pads make everything sound so congested in comparison, and it wasn't something I noticed before. What an improvement! Vocals seem to have benefited the most - everything is just separated better. Definitely a more laid back feeling which I actually prefer.   The comfort has also improved immensely. A must have upgrade for all ES10 owners....
Oh sorry, IPC = iPod Classic
  IPC 7G --> FiiO E12 ---> ATH-ES10   I'm absolutely loving this modest setup. 
 I found that my E12 had pretty bad EMI with my iPhone 5 strapped to it. I ended up moving to an IPC as I needed the extra space anyway and I preferred not having a brick attached to my phone.  
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