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This may be a dumb question but do the batteries in amps drain when the amp is left on with no music playing through it?
The ATH-ES10 is the best sounding portable IMO. It will give you the sound of a full size can on the go and it looks pretty sleek too. I'd recommend an HE-400 or HD600/650 for home use depending on your preferred sound signature.
I don't know if it's my brain adjusting to the headphones as Thujone pointed out, but they seem to sound significantly better than when I first put them on. I can firmly say that at this moment in time I am totally in love! There seems to be something special about the planar technology. So much detail and everything just sounds so much more natural than what I'm used to with the dynamics I've tried. They also have this effortless quality with the music that feels so...
I've been using these for the last couple of hours and I'm really digging the sound. The details are astounding, with the holographic sound stage I'm able to pick out the different instruments pretty easily. I am getting the slight "Tz" sound but it seems to have died down a bit since I first put them on. It was pretty unbearable to start off with, which worried me a little but it went within the first few minutes.   Overall, I am really impressed with these technically...
Still waiting for my pair to come through the post. Is there any way to find out which revision I have without taking the pads off? I've heard some horror stories of pads breaking when fitting them so I'm reluctant to take them off.  
Should be getting my hands on a pair of these tomorrow, finally see what all the fuss is about with these planar magnetic 'phones. If I like what I hear then I may set my sight on some of the higher end models when funds allow.
 Did you try the ES10 with ESW11 lambskin ear pads? Comfort is greatly improved while also improving instrument separation and sound stage. It seems like you are really enjoying the P7. I may have to get my hands on a pair to audition.
I haven't found these yet to audition. Has anybody who has heard these had experience with the Audio Technica ATH-ES10? If so, how do they compare?   Cheers.
 Import - you can get them around the price of the Momentum's. If you can stretch for it you'd then get the sound of full-sized HP's on the go.  Good luck with the Amperior's though. They're very good HP's at that price.
 If you have no luck with the Amperiors then you may want to check out the Audio Technica ATH-ES10. IMO the best portable headphones available.
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