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Ah, too bad.  Thanks though.
Do you still have the link?
would there be a way of adding a mic to these since they have a removable cable?
Thanks ClieOS!
Has anyone had a chance to try these yet?
Thanks Inks!      
Would you say the FXT90 is closer in sound to the GR07 or the EX600?  I already have a pair of EX600s, but would consider getting a FXT90 if they are different enough.
Can you contact the seller for a duplicate receipt?
Ah thanks Anaxilus and Jpizzzle!  I didn't think they were fake since I got them at Bestbuy, but maybe a manufacturer error or something.  Makes sense that all MD lines would be considered Tributes.... not to mention cheaper manufacturing cost to have one line of parts for both headphones.  Thanks again.
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