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So, with RSD 4 days away, I've updated my short list to: -Joy Division [An Ideal For Living EP] -Spoon [Love Ways EP] -Biggie [Life After Death]   .... there's also a couple others I might pick up once in store, but I'm not going to splurge this year.   Anyone else? There doesn't seem to be a lot of buzz this year O_o RSD is like Christmas for many vinyl junkies !!
I can't stand using a 'various artists' folder either.   If the compilation is presented by someone, I'll use their name as an artist. For example, I have a bunch of blues compilations presented by Martin Scorsese. I list his name on the artist folder; and within, I categorize each compilation by release date.   If there is no one's name to use, I just list the album compilation name in place of an artist name. So, if the compilation is called 'Big Shiny Tunes vol. 3',...
  "A 7" single of adult film star Ron Jeremy performing and discussing classical music at a piano.  This is a serious record laced with Ron's hilarious dialogue and off the cuff blue comments throughout his performances of Bach, Beethoven and more.  Colored vinyl.  Artwork and packaging by Keith Neltner." ummm.....well, ummm..... ?..... ! not quite sure what to make of this one o_O
Maggot Brain, by Funkadelic  
Electric Warrior, by T. Rex  
The list of releases for RSD 2014 has been launched:   Which one's catch your eye; any must-haves; will you be lining up the day of; is this years list a dud.....?     Personally, I'm quite disappointing with these offerings. Last year there were about 10 albums I really wanted. This year there are only two I'd like to get, but don't care all that much: Biggie's "Life After Death" (which might be re-released after RSD,...
I'm wondering about the sound, though. Do the D7000's sound the same through the Lawton Angle's and the Alpha's??
Has anyone tried the D7000's with the Alpha Pads, Lawton Angle Pads, and J$ Pads that could comment on their sonic differences compared to stock pads?   (I'm using the Lawton Angle Pads for their increased comfort and larger soundstage; albeit with some tradeoffs as well. I like swapping pads for most of my cans, but am hesitant to drop $60 on the Alpha's if they are very similar to the Angle's. Thoughts?)
 Apparently, Audeze is making a closed back headphone: Also, from what I've read, LFF's Paradox is a better closed headphone than the Alpha Dog.
 Throw the HD600 into the mix, and you have a winner. This is my favourite price/performance headphone.
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