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I'm not interested in trades at the moment and am prioritizing straight cash offers first, but I'll get back to you if I change my mind.
This was originally a pack of 5 pairs. I am selling 4 unused pairs.   Shure EASFX1 for for SE115, SE315, SE425 & SE535, but I've used one set on my DBA-02s, so there might be some flexibility with using this with a non-Shure IEM.   Please add 1.50 for 1st class shipping & paypal fees.   I am also selling a iBasso D-Zero. If you'd like both, I'll combine shipping (obviously) and lower the price of these. 
Dac/Amp is just under two years old. It no longer is under warranty, but has worked well for the past 3 months. Still looks new- no major scuffs or scratches.   I bought this a few months ago on ebay in anticipation of having to sell some of my more expensive equipment, but no longer need to do that, so I'm hoping to sell this to someone who wants a great budget starting kit. Includes USB cord, but no box. Will be shipped in bubble wrap.   Please add $8 for...
Price includes Paypal Fees & Shipping to CONUS.   I purchased a set of five from earphonesolutions a few months ago, but I am switching to silicone tips instead. I used one set and am trading or selling the other unused tips.   I would like to trade for new Large Sony Hybrid Silicone tips or Shure Flex Sleeves (either large or medium). PM me with what you have available+pics. Thanks.
edit: nevermind.
Have a set of 4 pairs of these triple flange tips (originally came in a five pack, but I tried one out). They are too small for my ears, so I'm hoping someone can make use of them. Price includes 1st class shipping in a bubble mailer. If you'd like to do regular paypal instead of gift, please add .50¢. Thanks for looking!
So I'm selling this to trade up to a 17" macbook. This would be great for a stateside Brit, but the keyboard is virtually identical to the standard US layout-- the \| and 'return' key exchanged places, so typing shouldn't be too much of an adjustment.    Specs are for the base 15" model-- 500gb HD, 2.2 ghz i7 and 4gb ram.   Shipping and paypal is included in the price for CONUS, but any UK buyers would have to cover their own shipping costs and add 1% for...
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    Funny, that's exactly how I feel about the HD-25s and the 1350s, for both the sound signature and 'rough treatment.' The Beyers are only for home listening and while I do prefer open headphones and would have liked to have bought something in the HE-XX line, I have too much ambient noise around both home and office. For closed on-ear, I've been very hard-pressed to find much better.
I had this in my other listing as part of a bundle for the ipod compact flash mod, but figured it would be more visible to people who actually need one if it was in its own post. I bought the battery new in November for $22, but didn't get through that many charge cycles before my Ipod's logic board failed me last month. This is OWC's in-house battery replacement, so I take it as a reliable power source.   Last time I tested run time (playing 320kbps on a loop), I...
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