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Is that an iPhone case with an amp built in?
Up for grabs is a pair of Sennheiser HD-25II cans.  These have seen less than 10 hours of use.  They include the leatherette earpads, as well as a set of velour pads.  They are great headphones, but I think IEMs are more practical for me to use as portables.  I will post pictures later this evening.  They look and perform as brand new.   I also purchased a semi-hard case for these off eBay, which I can include for $15 (original cost was $30).   Free shipping in...
This is a good reason why you should never pay PayPal 'gift'.  In my opinion, PayPal 'gift' should not be permitted on this site.  It's dishonest, violates PayPal policies, and has no recourse for the buyer if something goes wrong (like in this case).  99% of the listings I see here are "PayPal gift preferred", I think this has to stop.    
        As long as you don't mind losing access to the touchscreen of the iPhone, that is...
Can anyone point me to a good step-by-step tutorial on how to recable?  I've searched and seen older posts, but all the links are now dead.  Thanks in advance.
Did anyone's E17 come with a screen protector?  Mine didn't, and when I contacted FiiO, they said a protector was not included.  I thought I saw a screen protector listed as included in the instruction manual.
I just tried the FiiO cable, and it sounded slightly warmer than the 10vi cable.  The fit was much worse, however, because of the lack of memory cable.  The weight of the cable really pulls the earpiece more anterior, and it makes them uncomfortable to me.  Pulling the chin slider alleviates it somewhat, but for me, it's just nowhere near as comfortable as the 10vi.   I liked the fact that they were so overbuilt, and it has a really nice miniplug, but the lack of...
Weren't these selling for $100 from on 12/24??  
I switched to the 10vi cable, and it's much better than stock.  The cable itself isn't as stiff as the stock one, and it doesn't have nearly as much "memory". I noticed a small improvement in the SQ mainly in the low end, but nothing very significant.  I have the FiiO cable too, but I really like being able to use the TF10s for phone calls and changing tracks.  Hopefully FiiO comes out with a cable that has the mic/call functions.
Up for grabs is a like new pair of Audio Technica ATH M-50s.  They have less than 50 hours of use, and are in great condition.  This is the straight cord version.  Original box included.     $100 shipped in the US.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow.   Edit:  Pics added.  These were purchased in October 2011, and I have been the only user.
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