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I haven't heard the HA-2. I doubt that many people have. I don't think it's been out all that long.
Here are some stock pics. Since I moved to Thailand and the stuff is in NY, I have to rely on my nephew to take pics of the actual components. This will done once I feel there is a market for these components. Please note that my stuff is in very good condition and looks like the stock pictures.
Anyone have any interest at all? Should I put it up on Audiogon?
I moved to Thailand and I'm considering selling some of my audio gear. I wonder if anyone would be interested in the Cary SLP-88 preamp, which I used also a headphone amp. I got it a few years ago and you can read about my review of it here: I also have a Rega Planet 2000 CD player that I may be looking to sell. I'm thinking of $1200 for the pre-amp and $400 for the CD player. Both in very good condition. Forgot...
I live here now, so I suspect I'll be here for a while. At least until the end of the year, unless I have to relocate due to job situation.
Having met many of the members on head-fi, I feel comfortable that any topic can be discussed rationally, like adults. Besides, why do we have to be married to any particular theory or point of view? Can't we change our minds about things?
Quote: Which brings up the question of credibility imo. Why should I care what someone has to say who has already made up there mind on the conclusion before running the tests. You may care because regardless of how they got there, they may have stumbled upon the truth or a path that's going to lead you to the truth. Otherwise, you may as well bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing around you exists because most of the information thrown at...
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