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Looks pretty good... :-)
I already liked your page.... :-)
I received the DT770s today. I recommend staying away from Sound Surgeon, BeyerDynamics audio repair store(where I bought the cans). I received my headphones to first be disappointed cosmetically by scratches across the wording on the cups. After about an hour of listening the left earphone went completely dead. I shook it a bit and it started to flicker back to life. But only off and on. I am extremely disappointed expecially since I had to wait about 3 weeks for the...
None taken. I completely agree..
The only IEM I have ever had any experience with are Skullcandy ink'd. I know, I know. Skullcandy, eww. But come on, when you're younger, skullcandy is the coolest thing on the block. I'm walking down the street looking fly, listening to Micheal Jackson, after my 8th birthday party and nothing can pull me from the clouds. Unfortunately. Since this experience, I have only tried some sonys, bought by my step-mother, and I was utterly apauled. They hissed as if they were...
Ordered me a pair of DT770s, refurbished and arriving here tomorrow:-) picked them up for 107.50 USD refurb from BeyerDynamics Sound Surgeon. I am a bit nervous to see what the quality will be but I will post tomorrow with my impression :-) I'm also thinking of a pair of koss portapros for snowboarding. I won't be wearing a helmet. Is that a good choice? Also! Sansa clip +, sansa fuse, or both?
Any response? Please?
Hey everybody. I got an offer for a pair of factory refurbished DT 770 Pro 80's for only $90. Should I go with it?? That is wayyyyyyy cheap.. Please respond with input! Thank you everyone.
I bought it a couple years back when I was just getting into photography. It seemed like one of the best entry level DSLRs for the money. And I bought an older Pentax lens off ebay once and wasn't very happy with it so I have been skeptical about doing it again....
Wow.. Nevermind. I guess the 250OHM is $250 while the pros are $170? I thought they were about the same price. Jeez.
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