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I tried some of those and the SQ was horrendous! Too bad cause they stayed in my ear very nicely..
They're in the mail right now.
Im giving the airbuds a try..
But can't they be yanked out easy?
I can't find any reviews on this? And those types of ear buds NEVER stay in my ear...   I checked those out. The ones I'd want are spendy. There's gotta be something out there?...
No help at all? I got way more help when deciding to buy my DT770's......
All of those are sealed, providing too much isolation..
Nooooo one? I need help!
I've been searching and I can't find anything specific to me.. I would like an IEM for work and working out.. I'm a tile guy so I need something that isn't sound canceling so I can hear my boss yellin at me and I'm thinking an ear clip would be the best to hold it on... Here are some more specifics of things I'd like them to be.. - not sound canceling - ear clip or something of the sort so they stay in - under $50 - I would love if it had the iPod controls so I didn't get...
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