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I thought I'd share my photo of my PK3 setup. :D  
Haha very insightful.
So I am going on an LDS Mission and I will be away for two years. A thought accourd to me- What would two years straight of burn in do to a headphone? Would it fry it? Would my source kill over? It would be fun to test.. Just curious as to what would happen... I know I wouldnt be able to tell a difference because any source is going to sound good when I get back from two years of no music! But anyways, discuss!
I tried some at bed bath and beyond. They were absolutely terrible. Hissing.... They are ruining Marley.. :(
I have the same problem... I have to shove the IEMs in my ears to get them to stay and even then they slip out. Im not trying to knock it down bud AirBuds did not stay in my ears at all.  
Or maybe not... They get terrible reviews about the inline control and I cant even control volume with it..   The Senheiser/Adidas line get just as many bad reviews, if not more.... :(
Those sound good.. But I think I will try the M6 before I spend that much money..
I don't want to spend that much money..
  What is the isolation like? And do they have to be snug in the ear and sealed to sound good? IEM's dont stay sealed in my ear for some reason....
You have got to be playing a joke on me. AirBuds? Maybe BS buds. I get them and the package is squished, squishing the tips. I call customer service, they tell me to wait so the can reform. I did. I tried to put tem in my ears and guess what? They don't stay. They don't even expand! They take 15 minutes just to expand. I'm sorry but I'm pissed. I hate waiting for something and having to ship it back and go through all the refund crap. And SQ was okay when I held them in my...
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